Saturday, March 1, 2014

Until Lilly By: Aurora Rose Reynolds

Ms. Reynolds, again, doesn't disappoint.  The thing about picking up one of her books is that you know you are in for an enjoyable read. Grab a nice glass of wine, a blanket, and find your favorite reading spot - because you won't be moving. She writes an everyday life story woven into a relatable characters that have you wanting to jump inside her book. She once again nails the mark with a possessive,  hot, and determined man. Don't get me wrong though - where the others were rough and demanding, Cash was all about patience and not rushing. This is the type of book you drop everything for - it's a book that makes you believe that loyalty, honesty,  and the need to protect still exist.
Giving up something you just found is never easy. Completely walking away is even harder. Cash and Lilly are meant to be and are proof that sometimes you have to go through Hell to get to Heaven.  I loved that Cash owned up to his mistakes, but yet didn't regret them, as they were stepping stones paving the way to his future - Lilly. Lilly, she is much stronger than I am, she accepted every part of Cash, even the crazy ex bitch. I loved seeing how the whole Mayson family stepped up and once again proved they are unstoppable.

I usually stay clear of books involving kids, but something with the way the author writes it makes it an adorable sweet read--> "I can't believe that just came out of my mouth". Move over Chicken Soup for the Soul because now it's The Until Series for the Soul. These books are just a given, a given it will be a good story, a given it will have awesome characters,  and a given that at "The End" you will beg for her to write faster. With that said I can't wait for NICO. I think sometimes the teaser chapter she puts in the back feels more like getting screwed from behind with no reach around. It's bittersweet to read it, but leaves me in knots knowing I have to wait.

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