Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Ridge By: Adriane Leigh

It shouldn't be normal for a book to make you feel so many emotions.  You won't just read this book, you will devour it - and in the end you'll feel like you've been ran over by a truck.  I went into this book thinking Ms. Leigh would have a fight on her hands to make me forgive Ridge.  The sad truth was she had me at 1%. I was ready to forgive him the moment he said "his heart clutched in his chest" - because in that moment so did mine.  I was shattered.  I was pissed. I hated. I found the good. I was emotionally drained, and in the end I felt like I had beaten an addiction too.

 I love this author and her writing, but I have become especially fond of her sex scenes. They are smokin' hot - borderline rough- and all about the shock factor. It's hard not to fall in love with her stories. She makes you love each character.  She writes separately and for the sole purpose of wanting you to feel the pain and suffering they have experienced. 
Ridge - beautifully shattered, , tragically tormented,  and fatally lost. That is what happens when you give up the only light you have ever known. Ridge will make you feel lost and confused a lot of the time. He is all about making you feel sorry for him one moment and the next making you feel like he deserved it all.  Once Ridge gives up his reason for breathing, the story starts to take you on an enjoyable pissed off ride. I don't know what I was looking for in the beginning, but Amy rubbed me wrong from the get go. I know, at times, I should have felt bad for some of the thoughts I was having - but I didn't.  Ridge needed strength and someone to stand up for him. He needed Mia. 

Pleasure and Pain...Three words that describe this book perfectly.  The pain in watching demons being fought and the pleasure of watching a story unfold that ends with love and acceptance.  It's not an easy road, there are loads of bumps and a few times I wanted to yell at Ridge to just "man up." Don't give up on him.  He was like putting together a 1,000 piece puzzle.  At times frustrating as hell, but in the end when you stand back and look at the finished product - beautiful as hell.

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