Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Camouflage by Angelica Chase

By the time you are finished with an Angelica Chase book you will want to do one of two things; hold her hostage until she tells you every sordid detail about the next book or go to the nearest adult store and buy every damn vibrator in every fucking color and size. She could probably write a story about two broke bird watchers who study woodpeckers, end the damn book on a cliff hanger and I would fucking 5 star it because it would be that damn good. Her ability to draw you not only into the story, but get you wrapped up in the character's worlds when you know next to nothing about them is uncanny.

Taylor is the girl we all want to be… strong and fiercely independent. She is a bad ass and I just knew it would take a man of the same caliber to tame the woman in her that needs to believe in someone again. Daniello is a gun toting sex machine. I’m pretty sure he had me moaning a few times in the book. Watching these two try and top each other was a journey on its own.

Ms. Chase is the queen at leaving you with an end that will have you ready to chug a bottle of wine and negotiate getting chapters at a time. Yes, I tried it. It’s a double edged sword- wanting the book and wanting to wait to let it all sink in and contemplate which way she will go with book 2. You never know with her. One minute you are in love with one of her characters and picking out china and then he is on the FBI's Most Wanted list, yet you still can’t help but love him when everyone else hates him. Grab your wine, grab your 34 pack of Duracell batteries and get ready to have a love/hate releationship with Angelica Chase.  

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