Thursday, March 27, 2014

Unbearable Guilt BY: Emma Grayson

Holy shit.. I loved every single second of Kane and his broken, gutted, revenge-seeking self. The more of an asshole he was, the harder I fell. Ms. Grayson poured her ever-loving heart into this book and the words and emotions that are evoked from it show. I was drawn to Kane in the little glimpse I read during the first book. I love the broody dicks that are slowly brought down by love, but fight the holy hell out of it. When it comes to writing a male -who is bossy, jealous and has a tendency to be overprotective- then look no further than author Emma Grayson. She blew this book out of the water. She just has the special quality of writing a story that draws you in with characters who are gonna win you heart over. 

Kane... he has fought demons for so long it's the only thing he knows. He exists only to seek revenge until he meets Whit -the one person to bring him down. Whitney is tough. She is not some weak girl who everyone walks all over. She is so strong-willed. She is the rock for Kane even when he doesn't want it. Showing him the light when he only sees darkness. They are both fighters and when they both finally join the same team they become unstoppable - healed.
Ms. Grayson writes men that have an edge about them. They are over-bearing at times, but she makes them act in a way that is endearing to what they have suffered in the past. You will be hooked with the first book and during the second book you will be ready to profess your undying love to the author just for her to continue this same writing path. She definitely has a new fan/stalker in me -and anyone else who will listen to me shout her name from the social media sites.

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