Saturday, March 15, 2014

Climax By: Sexxa Kohl

Wow. I went into this book thinking that if you are going to name a book Climax, than you better damn well deliver. I have expectations and one of them is climaxing. Well, Ms. Kohl, you didn't disappoint me.  Matter of fact I'm not sure if I will ever look at a pen the same without wanting to do some nasty things with it.  Why stop there - because when I should have been thinking how wrong the church scene was,  all I could think about was "Holy Shit - I'm going to church and hoping I get a call to meet in the bathroom and I hope like hell he brings that damn belt!" Ok.  Now that my vagina got all of her fan girl moments out of the way - onto my review.

I just loved the story and I fell instantly in love with Jaxxon.

Jaxxon makes his own rules. He lives fast and hard. Women are just a means to an end for him and, in his head, this will never change. Until he sets his eyes on a goddess of a stripper- Raven. He will stop at nothing to have her, or more so work her out of his system.  Raven is not what she appears. She is strong, independent,  and puts everything - and everyone - on a back burner for the people she loves.  When these two get together it's not your normal love affair. It's a love affair behind a blindfold and, for me, this just turned up the steam factor even more.

This was such an unexpected surprise.  I loved everything about reading this book and seriously could not put it down. I felt like every time she ran into 'beautiful man' I wanted to scream "IT'S HIM". Now .. just fucking realize it! I can't wait to read more from this author. She can sell a hot sex scene like no other. I have said it before - when you read so much about sex it's hard to find a scene written so well it still makes you feel the tingle - but this book has it. Its the "It Factor." Strong take charge male and a female that you can't help love.

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