Sunday, February 21, 2016

Best Kase Scenario by Layla Frost

Layla Frost has this way that she infuses hot ass males with a female who has a sense of humor and it comes out being an awesome read. I loved Jake and honestly didn’t think he could be topped on the hot with a side of bossy chart, but I absolutely fell head over heels for Kase. Ms. Frost writes females you want to hang out with males you want to drop your panties for.

 I remember the exact moment that Kase topped the charts. It was when Harlow had her sister and Kase walked up to her. I was a goner after that. The way he just took over wanting to help Harlow and break down every one of her boxes. Kase and Harlow were hilarious together. She was this quirky spit fire and he was the guy caught by it.

 Ms. Frost has made her way into my must read with her witty writing and characters the love to fight and fight harder for the ones they love. When you are reading a book and having the same thoughts as the female that is what makes you connect. It makes you feel like you reading a book with someone you want to be best friends with. She puts together a fun story with great back characters while at the same time letting the focus be on just the two you want to know about.

Saturday, February 20, 2016

A Reason To Live by C.P. Smith

C.P Smith does exactly what she is meant to do… she gives you this story to fall in love with and makes the reader in you want to jump with joy. To say I love her males would be an understatement. I have loved every guy she has written. She just makes you want to Craigslist a guy who is hot blooded and male. You will laugh, you will swoon and you will route for the girls to channel their inner badass…

Shane instantly warms your heart with his story. You just can’t help but feel like he deserves the world and cheering him on the whole time he is fighting the attraction. Sage knows exactly what she wants. She has this image of Shane and nothing will change it… not his go piss off attitude or his harsh words. That moment though, when they fall and fall hard is worth every word read. It’s the point in the book when you just smile because you know this is the turning point.

I look forward to every release of C.P. Smith. I will say it took me a little awhile to get into the swing of things with the third person to first but towards the middle I was in the flow, but that is just me. I loved the moments that we got to be with just Shane and Sage. We get to enjoy the dialogue and see them try and find a way to settle in a relationship overcome a past full of tragedy and look towards a future full of hope.

RoomHate by Penelope Ward

There is nothing that beats that excited feeling when you know an author you love is getting ready to release a book. Once I started I couldn’t put it down. I fell asleep reading it and woke a few hours later reaching for my Kindle to finish. I was in love, then pissed off and then heartbroken and right back to in love. I cursed the hell out of Ms. Ward at some points. I just couldn’t imagine why they hell she would put me through the heartache. I mean Amelia and Justin not me. Yeah, that is who I meant.

We first meet Justin at an early age of ten and the connection is instant with his and Amelia’s friendship. To say I loved him when we met Justin as a grown man would be a lie. I thought he was a dick and was pissed off at him for the way he treated Amelia. Then I got it. I saw the pain and hurt and that is when I fell in love with him.

I flew through this book forgetting all about my wine chilling in the fridge. I just had to finish. Once I was invested in the humor, angst and of course cursing- I just couldn’t stop until I got to the end. I’m not usually the friends to romance type of reader, but Ms. Ward did it so superbly I could find myself becoming a quick fan of them.

Sunday, February 14, 2016

The Mind by Kate Stewart

Going into this book I knew that my heart would be ripped out and chewed up all over again. Kate Stewart has this way of writing something so tragically beautiful that in the end you don’t know whether to be hopeful that she will piece you back together or just continue to shred what is left. It didn’t matter to me that Rose and Grant were back characters in the first book. They demanded attention and in the end you were left in love and wanting to know more.

Grant was everything I knew he would be. I didn’t care that he loved fast or rushed it an unhuman pace. I adored him even more for it. I would usually be the girl rolling her eyes, but I just couldn’t quit smiling long enough to roll them. Seeing Rose make him work for it even when she was so focused on her own career had me seeing that this relationship was what both of them needed.

I’m not sure where Ms. Stewart will go next with this story. I’m sure I will be crying and screaming about how mad I am at her within the first two chapters. Although, the writing is so beautifully done the emotional toll  on your heart can leave you with either hope or despair. So I'm hoping that Rose gets her happily ever after that she deserves and that I NEED.

Friday, February 12, 2016

A Love So Tragic

When Ms. Cole puts words on a page you feel every one of them. Beautiful… intense… hopeful. Tragic love quite possibly, tantalizing love story-definitely. Ms. Cole definitely brings a story that will have you cheering on the wrong people but for the better cause. She makes it feel so right when you know it should be so fucking wrong.

 Peyton and Nic started out just like you hope all love stories do- In love and deeply devoted. You don’t have long before the tables turn and what you thought was going to be a love story of all time turns into a fight to love the right one. Nic stole my heart from the beginning and he still had it in the end.

Peyton was not an easy sell for me. I wasn’t head over heels for her. Sometimes when you get so involved with the writing you find yourself pissed off at one character because you love another one so much. I wanted her to fight. Undo the wrongs. Go back in time. But that can’t happen or else we wouldn’t have a story. I can say that when she decided to start doing things for Peyton she started growing on me. I started to see the strong girl from the beginning.

 No matter what Stevie writes you feel like 100 percent of her words are from her soul. She pole vaults you somewhere in the future when time stands still and it’s just you and the story unfolding. I said it with the very first book she wrote that her writing has the ability to rip your heart up and this book about losing love and fighting to find it again is no different.

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Distraction by Aurora Rose Reynolds

There is always a feeling of ease that sinks into your body when you start reading an Aurora book. You just know going in that you are going to get some laughs, a bossy man and a love story that is not full of drama. Her couples just simply demand attention. Once you pick up the book plan on nothing else for the day other than wine and a sweet smile that only a bossy man can bring to your face.
To say I have been waiting for Sven would be an understatement. I knew I would love him when he was first introduced, but to get a whole book of him just made me love him more. Always protective and always demanding that should be the stamp for all of ARR books. 

Maggie when we first met her was a hot mess but a sassy hot mess at that. I loved her spunk and knew she was going to give Sven a run for his money. It’s always nice reading about a female who is comfortable in her body and her capability to have some hot arm man candy. 

Although, at times this book felt a little pushed  at a fast rate with the story line I still enjoyed it. I would have loved a little more Sven and Maggie connection that is always a hit in all her other books.  Ms. Reynolds just knows how to make a reader happy. She gives you a couple hours to just get lost in a story that leaves you feeling completed, but yet wanting more

Thursday, February 4, 2016

Black by T.L. Smith

I started reading this book not even bothering to read the blurb. I just dove in not knowing a damn thing about it. I was pleasantly surprised to find myself intrigued by the story line. I usually prefer more dialogue in my books, but this seemed to work. It started off just a little slow for me but toward the end I couldn’t wait to find out what was going to happen. 

 I had a lot of questions reading this book and a few went unanswered. I’m hoping that the next book will shed some light because I need to freaking know. Rose and Black started fast and didn’t last long. What looked like a promising relationship ended up determining their futures. 

 Black was mysterious and just had an air of power that stayed around him. He was quiet and scary and was head over heels for Rose even if he didn’t understand it. Two broken people who have the chance to heal each other, only if the secrets and lies don’t tear them apart first.

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