Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Storm by Nina Levine

I love anything that has to do with a biker and this was no exception. I loved J he was so bossy and possessive, but also supportive and caring. Madison was just as strong. She gave just as good no one was going to tell her what to do and that was that. I fell in love with both of them, but J won my heart early.
J and Madison were once in love, but being part of a motorcycle club can drive a wedge in a couple a mile long. J had to make a choice a choice that involded Madisons saftey. So he chose the choice he had - he pushed her away. She ran and never looked back. Now years later she has put her life back together and is rebuilding. It comes crashing down with one phone call. A call that will pull her back into the lifestyle she ran from. The strong side of Madison wants to fight. Thats all she knows is how to fight demons and people. Once J shows up to get her to return back home back to Storm she has to choose what is right for her. This is when they slowly start to piece back the years they have lost.
I really enjoyed reading this book. There was not alot of angst it was just a good read with great characters. I loved reading the back characters as well. I loved them. Griff had me swooning from 2 sentences. Nash, are you serious he will be a fun to read. Then you have others like Scott her brother and then her half brother.. OMG NINA I need them all now.. You are planning on writing them all correct? Well done Babe.. What a awesome debut novel.

Monday, November 25, 2013

Asking for Trouble ~ Tessa Bailey


5 out of 5  baby!
                                                 Dirty,conceited,cocky mouths. You think you loved Derek,Daniel and Troy well then ladies be prepared to have your panties ripped right the fuck off you.Better yet don't bother wearing any, because Brent will have you panting and breathless by the end of this book.  To say I love Tessa and her writing abilities is an understatement.She writes strong males and then adds a female that will give the guys a run for their money. She takes a nice,quick and steamy read and turns it into a marathon of all maleness,dirty mouths and hard sex. Trust me when I say hard sex, I'm not talking about the 3 pages of useless shit no one cares about, I'm talking about- cant wait any longer get on your knees and suck me in this hallway. You don't skim over these scenes you read and then smile then go back and reread thinking holy shit did he just say that. Her characters are real, they suck you in with the back and forth banter- loving them from the very beginning.

Brent! What can I say other than you  just want to scream his name over and over. He's so dirty the dirty that you want to crawl under rub on and moan out every bit of pleasure.  Brent and Hayden hate each other or so they thought. They both spent so much time pushing each others buttons and making assumptions about the other that they didn't bother to look beyond the sexual tension. Hayden lives in the rich world while Brent lives in the middle class world trying to support his family. You meet these two right off the bat in this book and that is one thing I love (ok I love everything) about her writing.

I feel like I say this after every one of her books I read, but THIS ONE IS MY FAVORITE. I can't say enough about her writing style. Its not just a read it's an adventure into MACHOLAND. Where the guys talk like men say things that make you blush 7 ways to Sunday. If you want to read a book where the guy says things like "stroking one out" and the girl says "stupid,overgrown, panty-stealing fucker" then this is it.With Tessa's books its best to just sit back and let the book do all the work.


Monday, November 11, 2013

NIght Owl By: M. Pierce


Holy Shit! Holy mother of Tug scenes with 7 and yes I fucking counted them. Trust me when I say the only thing you will be worried about while reading this book is where your next orgasm will come from.  I'm in awe.  This is the book that you will compare all other hot books too.  Yes, it's that hot.  When you find a book that at 3% you are encountering your first Tug scene and by 45% you have encountered 5 of them and you're slowly looking up to see if anyone is watching what you just read, then you know it's going to be a damn good book. I was invested in this book from the beginning. The internal war with my morals wanted me to hate it, but the story was so well written that I just went with it and trusted the author to take me to the happy place (and you did several times **wink wink**).  The story has everything - strong female, sizzling hot sex scenes, secrets, lies and one dirty talking male that makes walking a rabbit look hot. 
Matt is a broken, strong, flawed and there are no other words to tell how truly freaking great he is. He has fought wars in his life without ever seeing a battlefield. He loves fast, hard and with every being of his soul. I think what hooked me other than his dirty mouth and need to conquer all situations was also seeing the side that wanted to bring you to your knees. He was so strong through the first half of the book almost like nothing could bring him down. Until Hannah. She is the one thing he breathes for, lives for, and without her its just a story written without an ending.  I loved every second of Matt, the good, the bossy, the bad, the man who could cut you to your knees with just his words - yes I fell in love from the get go.

Hannah was the air, his strength, the unknown he fought so hard against and was pulled so hard toward. She was strong minded, free willed, and had no inhibitions when it came to Matt's tastes. Towards the end of the book watching her swoop in with no thoughts of all the deceit I fell in love with her all over again.

There are no words to express how much I loved this book. I read this book and highlighted everything then went back and reread and highlighted some more. If you are offended by a dirty mouth or think that being called someone's slut is offensive -then this is not your book. As for me, I will be your dirty slut anytime M. Pierce. If someone asked me how I felt after reading your book and experiencing all the emotions I would have to say "Thoroughly Worked Over."

  Things to do before book 2
  1. Clear schedule day of release
  2. Buy batteries
  3. Change of panties (Don't bother wearing any?)
  4.Practice holding Kindle with one hand
  5. Prepare for cliffhanger
  6. Remind M. Pierce you're making me feel perfect

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