Thursday, February 27, 2014

Inner Core By: Sigal Ehrlich


Inner Core picks up where Layers left off - with my heart laying on the floor.  Finding the type of writing style that leaves you not wanting to put the book down doesn't come around too often.  Ms. Ehrlich has me hook, line, and sinker.  Going into a second book, I always have a fear that the characters will lose themselves while the story develops.  This is not the case as I fell more in love with Daniel and his cocky, confident, "won't take NO for an answer" self while Hales was still the same girl who held her ground. Please remember how much I love you Sigal, I will be yelling at some point in the last paragraph.
 What a brilliant end to a story, that at several points made me love and hate Daniel. Daniel is the type of book boyfriend that never loses his steam throughout the books. He is domineering and hard headed and for all the reasons you fell in love with him in Layers, in Inner Core you will want to rip your heart out and just hand it over.   Hales...Thank you for standing your ground in the toughest of times and although, at times, I wanted you to make him work for it, my heart bled for both of you.
It takes a lot for me to emotionally invest myself so much in a book that I feel every emotion I'm capable of feeling.   With that said, at about 42% I wanted to crawl in a hole and die.  I was so distraught that I didn't think I would finish the book.  Now, don't get me wrong, once I cussed 7 ways to Sunday and probably called the author (whom I adore) sixteen different names, I pushed on.  Thank fucking God - because my love for a character that I thought might have died became stronger. 
 Such talent that I'm in awe. Whatever your doing when writing your men don't fucking change a thing. The way you bring them into your story and make them dominate the show while making the reader feel like a 16 year old with her first crush is brilliant.

Friday, February 21, 2014

Consequences Of Deception By: Ella Fox

Holy Mother of.. you just wrote the perfect asshole in the history of books.  You, Ella, have rendered me speechless and that in itself is an accomplishment. It's like you crawled in my head and found everything I love in a man and then made him come alive in your book. Bossy - Check. Take No Shit - Check. Asshole with the capability of turning sweet - Check. Just became your biggest fan - Check. Hands in Pants - Double Check.  This book was beyond anything I could have imagined.  It was smoking ass hot with a story that made you want to scream, cheer on, and eventually fight for the love that you know only comes once in a lifetime.

Killian and Sloane have a history that involves love, hate, and misunderstandings.  I felt like every time Killian opened his mouth it was a dare to hate him.  It didn't work - the more of a dick he became the more I lost my heart to him. Sloane learned that consequences can change the path of your life in the blink of an eye, while deception (or at least what seemed to be) can lead to a path of hate and revenge.  I was worried that Sloane would be a pushover, but when she found her inner bad ass she became the female that we all love to read. One that turns out to be the perfect match for a bossy man, but sweet enough to meet his tenacity with a bit of her own.

 This book is the reason why I blog, anxiously await release dates, and fall in love with characters that set standards for future books. I have learned that when Ella says "He is bossy" you fucking listen to her. When a romance book can turn you on and have you blushing like a damn virgin, at the same time wanting to do non-virginal acts to anyone or thing that will stand still then there is only one word - WINNING.  She has completely blown me away with a book that didn't last nearly long enough for me. I wanted to be trapped with Killian and Sloane - and their love for each other - forever.  You, Ms. Fox, have found a new stalker for a long time. 


Sunday, February 16, 2014

Layers By:Sigal Ehrlich

I absolutely fell in heat,lust and love with Daniel. Once he comes into the story you are instantly in a swoon stupor.  He is faithful, determined and hard-headed and these are just some of his good traits toss in his I won't fucking take no as an answer and he is the total package. Ms. Ehrlich was able to pull a strong male character and a smart ass female who actually had a mind of her own into an absolute fucking great book. She had me laughing at the banter back and forth between the two and just when I thought I was queen of sexual innuendos she goes and proves me wrong. 
This is a book about finding love even when it was the last thing you were looking for. Hales and Daniel was an explosion waiting to happen. They were both stubborn and set in their own ways and change was the last thing they were expecting.Fate can be a tricky bitch. The day Hayley walks into his company with her best friend on a bet is the day their fate is sealed and the chase begins. It was nice to finally read about two headstrong people who fell hard, fast and all the while still having the attitude and fight that originally drew you in.
Sometimes you just happen on a book that screams "I'm the one." The one that has you holding your breath during the first meeting, laughing at times you shouldn't and cheering on every awkward moment knowing that at the end - love will be left. To me this book is the reason why I read. That feeling that runs through your blood making you feel alive and in love. Ms. Ehrlich blew me away with this book. I loved it from the beginning and hated to see it end. I can't wait to continue my reading relationship with this author. She has an incredible sense of humor that flows throughout all her characters.

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Bound to the Fallen By: Stevie J. Cole

This was a beautifully written book. I ended up getting lost in this story not only from the uniqueness of it, but the words just seem to suck you in to a different world. I loved getting lost into something forbidden. Something that made me want to take the male lead and run away with. He had this pull about him that made you want to be bound to him as well.. Throw in the fact that there was some seriously hot (hands in the pants) scenes and it’s the complete package.  Lets be honest who doesn’t want a guy that growls, is possessive and can screw you so hard on a desk that shit falls off the walls.

Gavin felt the pull to Brooke the moment he breathed the same air as her. The attraction was felt by both and although they both had different reasons to fight it the force pulling them together was to strong. Brooke was strong minded and I loved that when needed she spoke her mind. The love that Gavin and Brooke felt for each other was overwhelming and yet right.

I can't wait to see what Ms. Cole brings in her second book. We didn't really get a lot of PNR in the first book so I'm really excited to delve into that realm of the story. The author has a way with words that suck you into this world she has created. A world that you don't know anything about, but seem starved to for the information. She has packed a punch with her debut novel. Once you get into the heads of her characters you won't want to leave.

Sunday, February 2, 2014

Strike By: Holly S. Roberts

I think I fell in love with Reed the moment he pulled out the duct tape. What? Yes I know I'm a freak, but the way the book started off with a bang from the beginning I knew Reed would win my heart early. This was such a quick and easy read. If you are looking for a book that has a hot male, a do anything to save her family female and not a lot of angst then this is the perfect book. IT was heartfelt, endearing and the type of book that you just can't help but smile as you read. Ms. Roberts can sure write a man that will make you swoon and want to drop your panties.

Reed and Jaycee meet under circumstance that don't usually generate a love/lust relationship. Jaycee is trying to protect her family and sometimes desperate times call for desperate measures. What she didn't expect is that her failed mission would pave the way for a future she didn't see coming. Reed was unmoving from the get go. He dove right in with Jaycee trying to not only relieve some pressure, but be someone her brother and sister would look up to. Now you see why you just instantly fall for him.

The author wrote some really good characters not only in Reed and Jaycee, but also she made Jon stand out in his own way. The protective brother along with a family that had an unbreakable bond that has been through so much. She makes you root and cheer on everyone until the very end of this book..

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