Sunday, September 18, 2016


If its one thing I know its that Tijan's words draw me in from the very get go. Each keystroke tells a story and it was one that I couldn’t put down. When it comes to young love Tijan is one of the best. I get lost in her words and the characters stories. I couldn’t read this book fast enough and I couldn’t slow it down enough to savor what a spectacular story this is. She delivered an elusive male that not only intrigued me, but made me root for him the minute Summer bumped in to him.

My first thoughts of Caden I knew he was it for me. My only feelings were that he better be the main character or I was going to throw a fit like no fan ever had. I held out hope that Tijan wouldn't introduce to me to the best male ever and then rip him away. Summer was so quirky and fun that I really enjoyed watching her make every situation weird in her own way. These two had me cussing and laughing all at the same time.

 Sometimes a book just falls in your lap at the exact time you need it and this book was needed. As a reader we all need that book that has us turning the pages so fast and trying to slow down in fear you may miss something important. The author defiantly hit my 2016 top favs with this one.

A Beautiful Catastrophe by Katheryn Kiden

I wasn’t sure what I was getting into with this book. I didn’t read a blurb or even know what the main characters names were. I went into just knowing it was a story. What a story it was. It was hopeful and heartbreaking beautiful all at the same time. It felt real and raw with each word. I didn’t know Deacon or Shay at the beginning of the story, but at the end I felt like I watched their emotional roller coaster take its final climb. 

Shay was such a strong character at times that you couldn’t help but love her, but the moments she let you in the quick glances of her pain that was what drew you in. Deacon… Deacon… At first I thought is he going to be this nice the whole time. You see, I usually like my men with a little more edge to them, but the more I kept reading from Deacon the more I fell in love with the softness that was him. 

Where I usually prefer my males to overshadow the females this book made me realize maybe I just needed to read the right book with a strong female. The female who may have been broken, but was strong enough to hold the pieces of other broken people together. She was a force to be reckoned with whether she was crying or laughing she held the pieces together even when she didn’t realize it. Ms. Kiden gives us a love story that peels all the layers back of love.
Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Something To Believe In By Ella Fox

I hate to see this series come to an end. I have loved taking this journey with the guys. There is always something about reading a series and the build up to the last guy. My heart has laughed with Ty and it has cried for Ty and this was before I even knew his story. Ella does sweet love stories with the best of them. This book is no different. Its sweet, funny and hopeful. I wont lie I thought going in that it would be full of angst, but it was a pretty smooth ride. 

Sparks fly the moment Ty and Daisy lock eyes. I always love when the guy gets knocked on his ass the first encounter. Ty with his fun personality and Daisy with her loyalty and take no shit personality. Half the stuff that flew out of her mouth I had no idea what it meant, but she let it fly to anyone that was in her way. Ty was his fun self the whole book, but seeing him overcome all his issues and coming to terms with all the loss because of Daisy was heartwarming. 

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

THe Protector by Jodi Ellen Malpas

Let’s be honest… Jodi Ellen Malpas could release a book about a girl who falls in love with a Llama farmer and I would guarantee he would be the most alpha, bad ass llama farmer in the book world. JEM is the queen at writing a story that will have you laughing and swooning all in the same chapter. She delivers every time on giving us a story that will keep you turning the pages and dreading seeing “The End”. Her characters have this way of making you feel like it could be you in the story. Having a girl’s night in with too much wine and crushing on a guy.

Jake and Camille are proof that opposites do attract. The attraction is instantaneous as well is the feeling to prick each others nerves.   It’s the push pull factor that only JEM can give us. Jake is bad ass with a past full of baggage. His demons torment him daily while fighting the feelings that Camille brings out in him. Camille was full of punch. She didn’t let Jake get away with anything.

These two had me laughing out loud as the battled that attraction that was undeniably there. It’s always refreshing falling love with both characters as they fall in love with each other.
Thursday, September 1, 2016

Playing Fate by Leigh Ann Lunsford

Ms. Lunsford does angst well. You know going into one of her books you will probably be balling by the end. So when I see that she is writing a lighter book and not only a lighter book, but a sports romance… I was all in. Ms. Lunsford does words well. She creates this story no matter what she is writing that is just engaging and makes you feel like you can’t wait to turn the next page.
I love a man who knows what he wants and Deacon is all about knowing that what he wants is Saylor. We all want the good guy to fall in love with and Deacon is just that guy. He’s focused and driven and intent on winning over the girl. Saylor was joy to read. She had spunk. She was just refreshing and endearing as you could relate with everything she was feeling. You wanted to hug her and slap her at the same time.
Deacon and Saylor will warm your heart and their story will end up stealing it as well. I love reading the young love books. They are so heart stopping and gripping that it makes you just want to binge read everything you can get your hands on about college love. Ms. Lunsford does young love with the best of them and this one will leave you wanting more of her writing and her stories.
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