Sunday, March 30, 2014

Reasonable Doubt By: Whitney Gracia Williams

That moment you find the perfect fucking asshole that beats the last asshole you read. Yea, that's what you will be thinking the moment you start reading this book. I have fallen in love with a guy named Andrew Hamilton, otherwise know as Thoreau. I couldn't decide if I want to put my hands in pants or swipe to the next damn page. Dirty mouth? Check. Dick? Check. Take you panties off and spin them like a helicopter? Double Check. I'm not one to read a blurb, so when I read the first line, I was sold. Cock with an appetite meet my vagina with an appetite... and oh did Andrew's dirty talking satisfy it.
 Andrew Hamilton is a man who doesn't do relationships. He is a one night only, screw them and leave them kind of guy. He has one friend in the form of an online relationship. Alyssa aka Aubrey doesn't take his shit, she gives it right back tenfold, and yet she is the only friend he has. While he is busy dishing out his 5 word dickhead commands, she is unknowingly bypassing his barriers he has up. What happens when the impossibility of ever meeting--happens. When deceptions are uncovered? Sometimes though it's better to offer up the truth than to disclose lies--because in the end it all comes out.
“It’s Mr. Hamilton, Miss Everhart.” He glared at me. “Mr. fucking Hamilton.”
Reasonable Doubt will leave you wanting to be Reasonably Drunk after you finish. I'm pretty sure I made up some new words once I came to the end of this book. Cliffhangers are a love/hate thing for me. I love to anticipate the next book, but I hate the feeling in my chest of needing to know what happens next. I totally invested in Andrew and Aubrey and now I need more-- More writing, more sexting, more tension and more of Ms. Williams' writing. 

You will be Super-glued to the pages.

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  1. I am honored!!! Thank you so much!!! Words can't even explain!!! <3 <3


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