Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Spinning Out by Lexi Ryan

Sometimes a book starts out and you just have this feeling that you are going to devour every word. This was the case for me with Spinning Out. The writing, the story line and the characters really pulled me from the beginning. It was different and intriguing and it made me want to cheer Mia and Arrow on even through the toughest of times.

Arrow had me falling to my knees from the get go. He opened his mouth and I fell in love a little more and more. He was just so real and never pulled the punches. He knew how to pull them in and let them go all at the same time.

This was a unique story. It seems like I constantly read the same thing over and over, but this one was intriguing and left me wondering what the hell was going on and in the end what would happen with Arrow and Mia. Lexi Ryan did this one proud.

Things Liars Hide by Sara Ney

I wish I could be one of those people who loves every book, but that is just not in the card for me and although I fell in love with How to Date A Douchebag by Sara Ney this just didn't work out for me. If you love the cutesy type relationships where the guy is young acting and the girl has major dramatics than this is the book for you. Tabitha and Collin meet in a very entertaining way and I did actually love the basis of the story.

I wanted to love it just because it was Sara Ney, but when a book doesn't work for me it just doesn't work. One of the things I usually love about this author is her characters chemistry and this just fell a little short for me.

Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Hate To Love You by Tijan

I wanted to love this book so much. Tijan and her writing seem to be ingrained in my heart for most of books, but this one just didn't connect for me. I was so intrigued at the beginning. I mean first day of class, hot guy and girl who was awkward... I was like hell yeah. I just didnt connect with either of them. I wanted more. I wanted that lust that need to be with each other.

Kennedy seemed to be a little to rough around the edges for me. I wanted her to soften so many times through this book it just didn't seem to happen. She seemed almost too mean for the things that happened in her life. I wanted her to be a little less dramatic and a little more open to new things.
Shay was a great guy and very supportive in everything that concerned Kennedy. I8 wish we would have had more time to explore their thoughts and feelings a little bit more. I love Tijan and usually her books are right up there at the I only give 5 stars and I would love to say the same for this one it just connect with me.

The King by Skye Warren

Skye Warren has quickly moved herself up to one of my top authors. Her writing brings me into the book almost like I'm there in the if the story is my story. The day I discovered this author is the day that all my book funks ended. Im pretty sure I was in a major slump until just by chance, I had this free book on my kindle which in turn brought me my new author obsession.

So needless to say when The King came out I couldn't wait to get my hands on Damon Scott's story. I was so intrigued by him that I needed to know what the hell was happening. Ms. Warren has this way to make a story come to life. Her story goes so deep its almost like its your story. You read it, You live it and in the end you need each word to keep going. 

Mercy by Debra Anastasia

Debra Anastasia adds just the right amount of humor and romance to ruin you for other book couples. She really ups the ante with such an intriguing book. She takes a story and not only has you parading along after her words, but she has you tossing the fn candy out to anyone who will listen to you talk about this book.  I went into this book knowing absolutely nothing. All I read was the name of the book and the little snip it of... he shows none... I was all in. When an author can put three words on the front of book that has you one clicking like a damn crazy person, you know the story will be worth your time.

Becca was the rock in this story. She seemed like at any given time she might have stumbled along the way, but her fight and sheer will power never wavered. She was strong willed and vulnerable at the same time. You just knew she had a bad ass side that she was hiding and it was just waiting to come out. Well you will not be disappointed.

I'm not going to life, I was not D. Anastasia reader prior to this book. I have heard great things, but just never thought the book was for me... until this one. It makes me want to go back and start reading all her others. As a reader at times it seems you can only to talk other readers about how a book will have you up in the middle of the night reading it and shaking with laughter. This is one of those books you will be talking about. The author blended suspense and humor and words that you will reread over and over all in one book. Total package
Monday, August 21, 2017

Drunk Dial by Penelope Ward

I wish I could say that I fell head over heels in love with this book, but something was just missing for me. I didn't feel the connection of the characters that I usually feel with Ms. Wards books. I thought with the way the book started out that I would love the way it would all pan out. Rana drunk dialing Landon is something I think we have all done. So I was instantly entertained with her drunken antics.

The one thing I did love was the Landon and Rana in the past. I loved the letters Landon would write, I just wish I felt the same connection to the older Landon and Rana that I did to the younger version of them. I also enjoyed how she wove Rana's secret into the book. I thought that was well played and truly didn't see it coming. I love Penelope's Wards writing, I think this just had a little too much happening in it for me to feel emotionally connected to Landon and Rana
Saturday, August 19, 2017

Dirty Little Secret by Kendall Ryan

If you are looking for a quick, short and fast read with a guy who isn't sure at first what he wants then this is the book for you. A story with 3 hot guys, you know its gonna be a story you want to read. There is just something that draws me and pulls me in to the the men who seem to go hot and cold. The guys who want the girl, but just cant fully commit. You know the assholes. They get me every damn time.

I was worried starting this book that Emma would be a quiet spectator during this book. So to say I was pleasantly surprised when Emma turned into a girl who would not only make her own decisions with a side of a sassy mouth, but that she wouldn't take no shit from Gavin. The ending was just enough that has me anxiously awaiting book 2 so I can see what the hell will happen.
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