Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Dark Promises by Winter Renshaw

Gotta love when you read a book by a new to you author and after you finish you go buy more of their books. Sometimes the world gives you hints and those hints usually lead me to buying books because something just speaks to me. I loved how the two characters meet. The games they played that resulted in finding love.

Keir and Rowan are on different tracks but when a woman scorned looks to regain her control back on life look out because anything can happen. Keir is trying to build his political empire and Rowan was just destroyed by someone doing the same. Watching these two dance around the lies while searching out the truth had me hanging on every woed.
Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Fumbled Hearts by Meagan Brandy

 I read books everyday. Most I like, some I love, but every once in awhile I find one that makes something shift in my heart. It makes me want to rush through the book because you can't get enough of the characters, but slow down at the same time in fear it will be over too soon.   This book was something special and its been a long damn time since I felt everything a book should evoke in you...that is until I stumbled on Fumbled Hearts.
 I can count on one hand how many times I have decided to drink a bottle of wine and then message the author and drunkenly fangirl, but damn if I didn't need her to know how much I loved this book.   Her characters are witty, the banter is amazing and she leaves you wanting more.  Her ability to tell a story that has you hanging on every word, every character and every page its something special.

Right from page one I knew I was gonna love this book. The way Nate and Kalani meet, the sacastic banter and especially the way Kalani put him in his place had me smiling throughout the whole book. If you like the back and forth and a girl who can hold her own then you will love these two.  Usually reading a book I pay little attention to the female character, but I'm pretty sure I finished this book with a slight girl crush on Kalani and a full fledged girl crush on this author. 

Wednesday, October 25, 2017

DrumLine by Stacy Kestwick

I never thought I would say that I wanted to rip the band uniform off my book boyfriend and dry hump the hell out of him, but here I am... after reading DrumLine ready to get my freak on. I also didn't think I would find a book to add to my top 2017, but here I am totally crushing over a new author and saddling up this book to look pretty on my top 2017. Stacy Kestwick is an all-star of writing and I'm kicking my ass for not reading her before.

If you are looking for an author who writes a sassy female who will take no shit and a male who will do anything for his female then this is the book. Ms. Kestwick infuses humor and some unexpected possessive male protectiveness that will have you swooning for any attention you can get out of him.

Laird is that book boyfriend you wait for. The one who you always hear about, but he always seems out of reach. Laird and Reese made me want more and want it fast. They were fun and sarcastic and who doesn't love a girl who makes the guy work for her. Its always nice falling head over heels for a guy who knows what he wants. *****************************************************************************************

Drive by Kate Stewart

Kate Stewart is the Picasso of telling a story with words. Her words cut you deep, her characters leave scars, but her story heals your soul. Ms. Stewart's words never take the easy road. You are guaranteed to be taken down so many paths, but being on the journey of mapping out the road is everything this book embodies.

Going into the book I didn't even bother reading the blurb. I mean come on its Kate Stewart...One does not simply just read a blurb with a Kate Stewart book, one dives in with eyes wide open while chugging wine. I knew I would get this beautiful story that would have heartbreak and joy and tears and laughter. It would also hold a decision. One that would be hard, but the payoff would be incredible in the end. Incredible is a great way to describe this book. It will cut you wide open and you will love every minute of it. 
Tuesday, October 10, 2017

On A Tuesday by Whitney G.

There are some things that never get old...chocolate, wine and Whitney G. books. There are not too many things I can turn away from and a story from Whitney G. is not one of them. She captivates with her words and lets her characters mesmerize you with their story. She is truly spectacular with spinning a story that will have you salivating to get to read each and every word.

I just loved Charlotte and Grayson from the start. The meet, the attitude and the fight against feelings, made this book that much more. The push and pull between them makes you fall in love with both of them. You love Charlotte because she is determined to rule the world in her fight against men. Yet, you will love Grayson because he sees something he loves and he goes after it.

Whether she is writing asshole alphas or college sweetherats Whitney G. nails it every time. She is special when it comes to the words she writes. They attack you when you are least expecting them. They are special and at times you hate to share them, but the world should not be exempt from reading this author.

Ruthless King by Meghan March

Meghan March does it again and this time she is bringing something different to the table. It's gritty and and dirty topped with everything you love about this author. There is just something that makes me fall in lust with a guy who demands attention. A guy everyone will not cross, but also one who has a soft spot for the female.

Ms. March writes a female like no other author. She is sassy and takes no shit and thinks nothing about standing up to her man. At times during a story I feel the female fades to the background but this author makes her females stand up and demand attention all the while throwing sass at the male that most times you either want to kick in the nuts or dry hump a leg.

Ruthless King is gripping in all the ways you hope a book will grab you by the balls. We all want to love the asshole and Ms. March parades him around in this book...ready to love. He may not be tossing candy, but he is definitely tossing orders.  Although, at the end of this book I wanted to kick the author in her lady bits  for the hang, but I'm gonna let it go because damn was it a way to go.

Thursday, September 28, 2017

Racer by Katy Evans

I can't pinpoint one certain thing about Katy Evans writing that keeps me coming back book after book. Her characters grab you right from the start. It's the meet and the connection you feel between the two that will have you turning the pages over and over. I loved Racer right from the get go. His cockiness and nothing will stand in the way between me and my woman attitude had me cheering him on.

Racer and Lana were the couple we wished they were. Racer was that guy who knew what he wanted. He had a vision the instant he met Lana and nothing was going to take him in a new direction.

Katy Evans knows how to write a man. You know going in you are getting a take no prisoner type of guy. Guy meets girl, guy goes after girl and guy will not let anyone come between them. I went into this book not knowing a thing. I didn't realize who Racer was or who his parents were. So being so  blindsided was a great surprise. 

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