Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Take Me Back by Meghan March

I will be the first person to admit when I started reading this book I wasn’t sure where it was going. I starting thinking maybe this wasn’t the book for me. Let me be the first to tell you that Ms. March takes a hold of this books and makes it her bitch. She had me flipping the pages like mad wanting and needing more. It didn’t take long for me to connect with the story and have me cheering on Dane and Kat while they battled the waves of reconnecting and finding the love that was lost. 

Dane and Kat are the couple that will make you want to smooth the ride out for them and also throat punch them at the same time. The thing about this book is that it’s real. We all have these issues where you are in a relationship and something is just off. You know it’s off, but you don’t know how to fix it. So reading about a couple who is lost and being on the journey as they find their way back means everything to the reader in me. 

I usually am the first one to admit I usually bypass on the books where the characters already have a relationship. Every book I have read where they already know each other leaves me scratching my head. That is until Ms. March wrote this book. She made it feel new and old and made me want to fight for this couple and at the same time remember everything that used to be with them.

The Brave Line by Kate Stewart

You ever start a book and just know? You know instantly that this book is going to speak to you in a way only a good book can. Some authors have the capability to make you want to be the couple in the book and if I could have traded places with Michelle I would have jumped Rowdy just about every time too. I mean when I didn’t want to kick him in the nuts that is. Just when I think Kate Stewart's writing can’t get any better she blows me out of the water again with a book that leaves me in a major book funk. 

Rowdy and Michelle will steal all the smiles and laughs and in the end your heart. This couple is special. Every smart-ass remark or comment between them just drew me in. I wanted to protect Michelle and dry hump Rowdy. 

Feeling emotionally connected with the characters doesn’t happen all the time. These two are guaranteed to make you want to go back and read every one of Ms. Stewart's books. She has something special with bringing not only the couple together, but the reader.  That 5 star read doesn’t happen often, but when it does it will find its way into your heart and into your top reads of the year.
Monday, March 6, 2017

Running Mate by Katie Ashley

Katie Ashley hits a homerun with this sweet and hilarious story about two people who are not looking for love, but finding the fairytale. There is just something about a book that has the two main characters going head to head in a battle of wills. Forced together to pretend to be something they’re not while learning the road map to each others hearts. The banter, the laughs and the wanting to kick Barrett in the balls every time he opened his mouth will surely place a smile on your face each chapter. Ms. Ashley brings wit and humor to a subject that divides most people on a normal day.

Addison and Barrett have this chemistry right from the get go. You know right off that Addison will not be shy about putting him in his place. Barrett is crass and makes a sexual joke about everything. You just know that when the shy, sassy girl meets the playboy who refuses to settle sparks are going to fly.

This book was just what I needed when I started reading. To be able to laugh along with the characters, feel their pain and also, watch two people who have so much in common find something to stand together on was so much fun. 

Cole by Tijan

The words that dance from the fingertips of this author has the reader in me devouring each word slowly and at the same time not fast enough. No matter what the story line is each word she writes speaks to me and each world she creates pulls me in. You just know as soon as you open a book by Tijan that this is what she is meant to do.

 When it comes to mafia books we all know I’m completely infatuated. Somewhere in my wine muddled head I dream of being a mobster’s wife with long fingernails and big hair while my hubby in his wife beater goes around kicking everyone’s ass who even dares to look at me. Luckily for me, there are authors that write my mafia stories and I get to live my fantasy of mob life through them.

 Cole and Addison might have been from different worlds, but reality would soon come crashing down and sure to shake up everything they thought they knew. I loved the mystery that surrounded Cole. The way people just seemed to part when he walked into a crowd. It was like you were in the room and could here the hush wash over the crowd. These two would fight for each other and fight for the love that bound them together.
Monday, February 20, 2017

Lost In Between by K.L. Kreig

You know the sexual afterglow right after some good sex? Whether its afterglow or bookglow MS. Kreig delivers on it every freaking time.  I feel like I discovered a way to get that warm, cozy and satisfied feeling without having to actually get undressed. I have read every book she has written and her writing just keeps elevating to some of the best that I have read. Whatever Alpha fountain she has tapped into I want to be part of it. 

The way Willow and Shaw first meet I knew immediately that they were going to be hot together. I couldn’t wait for sparks to fly with her strong willed personality and his determination to have her. The banter back and forth made these two so much fun to read. Let's not forget the sexual tension that will have you flipping the pages just to see what they do next.

This book should have been called Lost In between the pages because that is exactly what will happen the minute you start chapter one. I'm not that reader that usually rereads books, but this will be one I keep going back to. I just loved the connection not only between the characters, but the story. 

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Mack Daddy by Penelope Ward

I was a little worried starting this book as it just didn’t connect with me right off.  I didn’t feel that connection that I usually do with Ms. Ward’s characters. Thankfully,  when I started getting more of Mack and Frankie together- I started to feel more for them. Frankie started to grow on me each chapter, but I still didn't feel that connection that made me want to cheer her on. Mack, was just so loveable. That is thing about this author. She makes you love her characters even at times when you want to kick them. They balance each other. At times when I dislike one the other one steps up their game.

Mack and Frankie started off with friends, but like everything else that quickly changed to love. Like all love stories everything has a road block and this one had one hell of a wrench shoved into the story. Although, I didn’t feel the connection at first as the story grew I realized how what started out something innocent became something life altering.
Sunday, February 5, 2017

How To Date A Douchebag book2 by Sara Ney

There is just something about this authors writing that keeps me hooked from page one to the end. She has this way of making the guys into such assholes and still leave them so endearing that has me loving them when I should be hating them. She lets the characters be themselves, but allows them to still grow in their own way.
Zeke and Violet were total opposites but the sweetness that embodied VI sort of wrapped around the harshness and jagged edges of Zeke. The slow burn of watching Zeke grow and struggle at the same time is something this author really excels at. Her douchebags always grow and learn things the hard way, but they also always see the light and come out in the end on top without completely changing into a different guy.
You know when you read a book by an author and you immediately want to go read all the rest of their books? That is what happened with me and reading my first Sara Ney book. She just puts all the reasons why I love reading into her books.
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