Friday, March 21, 2014

Dazed By: Kim Karr

There is just something about sitting down with a Kim Karr book that fills your body with a feeling of serenity.  She has a way of balancing out her characters that will make you fall in love with them. One's weakness is the other's strong point. When one pushes, the other pulls. It doesn't matter if it's 100 or 400 pages, when it's over , you're left in awe of the rush you get. If there is a drawback from reading her books, it would be that you know at some point your heart will hurt. She has an uncandid ability to have you skipping through meadows hand in hand with her characters right before she says, "Psych" and breaks your heart. 

Jagger. He can leave me a 'Eat Me' sign any day of the week.  He has this easiness about him topped with a sense of witty humor. Aerie has walls up a mile high. Watching her finally learn to let go and live a little - to see what life can be like with a bit of carelessness - was heartwarming.  

It's nice to read a book where the drama seems to be within the story and not so much between the characters. It's not the two of them fighting all the time. It's the two of them fighting  for what they want - love. There are only a few authors that can get me to step out of my "Alpha" box into the angst, grab a tissue, and prepare to feel every emotion under the "Sun" box. Ms. Karr is one of them. She is my one rule breaker and my one must read.

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