Monday, May 23, 2016

Deception by Fiona Davenport

If you are looking for a fast paced read with an alpha who falls fast and hard for his nanny then this is the book for you. Sometimes having that quick read can really get you back in your groove when you tend to get in the "week of no reading" funk. Ms. Davenport provides you a chance to hop back in the saddle and enjoy a little man growling. Nic is that sweet an dangerous type that you can't help to fall for. 

Anna is young and trying to find her place in life when she lands on the door of Mr. Mafia himself. When love hits Nic it hits him hard and he has no plans of taking things slow. Hopefully in book 2 we get a little more of their background and see what kind of reaction Anna has to the news she just heard.

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

The Heart by Kate Stewart

We all wanted more. More heartache, more Grant and more of the love that we all knew Rose was capable of finding.  Imagine going into the book already hating any guy that would appear in it. He would never be able to fill the shoes of the last. The bar was set and so wasn’t my mind. Until Jack. He slammed through every wall built like the mother fn Kool-Aid man. I seriously wanted to break up with my real life boyfriend after him. 

Although, I had a slight difficult identifying with Rose’s attitude for part of the book, I kept waiting just knowing that the Rose I fell in love with in The Mind would be back. The Rose in this book was stripped down and slightly bitter. It wasn’t easy but neither was her life. 

Ms. Stewart nailed jack in this book. I knew Rose would need a rock, someone patient enough to stand up against the walls she built. There is something about the writing by this author that just seeps into your heart. She lays it all out there for you to not only fall in love with the story.

Saturday, May 14, 2016

The SPiral Down by Aly Martinez

I don’t always do this. M on M is not my normal. Ms. Martinez took a book about two males and made you feel like you were just reading a book about two people discovering each other. You forget about what you are reading and just fall in love with two characters who at times annoy you and other times make you want to wrap your arms around them. 

Henry started off like he was going to be a raging ass. I wasn’t sure what to think. Evan on the other hand I instantly loved. His humor and quick wit as well as the way he was able to talk Henry down from his level 10 panic attacks I instantly swooned. 

Henry wasn’t the ass I first thought. Watching these two fight for each other and learn to love each other was a fun ride. He may have had his diva moments, but all his other moments melted my heart.
Ms. Martinez makes me wish I had a penis. The scenes were hot and the chemistry between both characters made me want to drop my panties. Whether real life or reading it in a book love is love and you don’t pick who you fall for. Henry and Evan are a true testament to that statement.
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