Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Crow by A. Zavarelli

I went into this book after reading the first three lines of the blurb and instantly bought it and I can honestly say I was not disappointed. After getting over my lust for Lachlan I managed to open my eyes and see that this book and its story was fucking awesome. I love me some mafia badass men who takes care of his girl. A. Zavarelli nails this story as well as her characters. It left me with a stalking tendency she may regret in books to come.  
Mack was feisty from the get go a girl after my own heart. I usually finish a story and end up loving the male and forgetting the female, but Mack put just as much as Lachlan into the story. She made you laugh and cringe at the same time with some of her decisions. 
I could probably write this whole review and only mention Lachlan, but I won’t bore you with my love affair of a fictional character. Let me just tell you that he is freaking hot and possessive and makes crazy eyes at anyone who looks at Mack. He is in my top book bf for 2016. 
I can’t wait to continue reading Ms. Zavarelli’s work. I’m in love and intrigued with not only her writing, but the other characters who deserve books in this series. Hell I don’t even know if that is the route she is going I’m just jumping the gun and praying like hell they get a book.

Hardball by C.D. Reiss

There is just something about a sports romance that I love. I love to see the guy so committed to one sport and then enters the woman who will destroy the focus. Ms. Reiss made sure to give us a guy we would love and girl who would rip down every wall he had. Although, I would have loved to feel just a little more connection between Dash and Vivian it was nice to read a story and like the female just as much as the male.

Dash is the hot recluse of a baseball player that everyone wants to know more. He may be on the front lines on the field but off the field he likes to stay hidden. Enter the hot librarian who has all but gave up on men but still has hopes that the one is out there. When Dash and Vivian first meet the sparks and the sass are both there. Each has issues and overcoming them will be the key to both of them finding happiness. 
This is a fast and light-hearted read. Although, the drama is fun a lot of times it’s also nice to just read a story about two people finding their way and breaking down some walls as they go about it.

Thursday, March 24, 2016

Sparrow by L.J. Shen

I love reading about the guys who are assholes. Nothing makes me more happy to find out that the guy is an over the top ass who everyone fears. I know it’s odd. You can continue to like your strong footsie play and intense holding hands, but this girl will stick to the guys like Troy. Ms. Shen wrote him perfectly. Full throttle, legit possibly psycho and in love with his girl. It make take him while to get with the program, but when he does nothing will stand in his way. 

Troy and Sparrow may have been tossed together but watching them fight out the battle of who will be in charge made this book. I loved the push and pull of the two of them. She pushed just enough to let Troy know she was serious and he relented some of his badass to let her have his way. To me the banter was the best part of the book. Sparrow was all about surviving and using her sarcastic mouth to do so… would not slow her down one bit.

It takes talent to manage making a guy an asshole, but still leaving him to be desired, drooled on and feared at the same time. It’s not easy to write this and it has to be well done because anyone can make a dick out of guy, but to do it so that you want to punch and straddle him at the same time takes just the perfect touch. L.J. Shen did is perfectly. Troy is that type of guy who will use his enemies own leg to beat him with it and you are reading it thinking no one has ever beat someone up with their own leg for me. He is that hawt.
Monday, March 14, 2016

A Thousand Boy Kisses by Tille Cole

I fell in love with Rune and Poppy at ages 5, 8, 12 and 15 but March 8th will be the day I left a piece of my book reading soul in ATBK and fell in love with the writing of Tillie Cole. I have never had a book make me feel so captivated with a story about a love so pure and genuine yet, left me so utterly broken that tears were running down my Kindle. I was, at one point, convinced that the tears were not all mine. That even my Kindle could feel the raw emotion that was poured into this book and was crying right along with me

Everyone wants a love like Johnny and June, but I want a love like Rune and Poppy. They loved young and they loved hard. It’s funny while reading this book, I kept thinking that Rune was the rock. He held it all together and while he may have been, Poppy was the glue that bonded them. These two characters are a bloggers dream. Four chapters in and I was smiling thinking, I can’t wait to write this review.I can't wait to ask Tillie Cole to marry me.

 In ten years we will still be talking about this book and we will still be telling everyone it’s a must read. You can read 300 books year after year, but this one will never leave your heart. I wanted to live in the moment of each kiss, I wanted every moment of the 1,000 kisses to seep into my soul. I wanted their moments to be my moments. It wasn’t just a book, it wasn’t just a story, it was a journey that I could have stayed on forever. ATBK makes you want to be a better person, love a little stronger and live each second to the fullest never taking anything for granted.
Friday, March 4, 2016

A Reason To LIve by C.P. Smith

C.P Smith does exactly what she is meant to do… she gives you this story to fall in love with and makes the reader in you want to jump with joy. To say I love her males would be an understatement. I have loved every guy she has written. She just makes you want to Craigslist a guy who is hot blooded and male. You will laugh, you will swoon and you will route for the girls to channel their inner badass…

Shane instantly warms your heart with his story. You just can’t help but feel like he deserves the world and cheering him on the whole time he is fighting the attraction. Sage knows exactly what she wants. She has this image of Shane and nothing will change it… not his go piss off attitude or his harsh words. That moment though, when they fall and fall hard is worth every word read. It’s the point in the book when you just smile because you know this is the turning point.

 I look forward to every release of C.P. Smith. I will say it took me a little while to get into the swing of things as I usually prefer dual POV, but once I was in the flow I fell in love.  I loved the moments that we got to be with just Shane and Sage. We get to enjoy the dialogue and see them try and find a way to settle in a relationship and overcome a past full of tragedy and look towards a future full of hope.
Thursday, March 3, 2016

This Is War, Baby by K. Webster

K. Webster’s writing is on fire. Just when I think she will never beat the last guy in her book she comes out of another book and once again I’m adding him to my top book boyfriends list. She is a triple threat of writing. Sweet, Paranormal or dark she nails each one leaving you waiting for what the hell she will pull out of her hat next. She has quickly come to be a drop everything, call off work and stay sober when she drops a book author. Yes, I’m that serious that I will put down the damn wine.

I wasn’t sure what to think about War when I met him. Relieved, hopeful and most of all fearful that this one could be worse. But War stole my heart with every new issue that came to life. His story broke my heart, but watching Baylee give him his strength back to fight his demons put it all back together. 

You never know what you are going into with Ms. Webster. She has the ability to shock you and leave you in awe all in 5 hours of reading. I have read most of her books and fell in love with them as well but these last few have been some of the best reading that I have ever had. Top books, top book boyfriends and a top author.

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