Saturday, March 8, 2014

Besieged By L.P Lovell

Fuck me running! I'm not sure if I was just stunned into silence or left just wanting to put my hands down my pants. I went from being sexually frustrated to panting and frantically trying to keep up with battery changes.  Ms. Lovell isn't fucking around with this book - A Game. She brought it. When an author can write characters that consume you with their strength and attitude,  and by the end of the book leave you feeling numb- it's a fucking must read. We will touch more on that numb part shortly. Bad ass female - arrogant confident man topped off with sexy banter that makes you tingle in all the right spots - CHECK PLEASE!
Theo - man slut of the year, who happened to get knocked on his ass when he met his match in the "I don't want any ties" department. Watching these two have a battle of who will drop their pants first makes you almost cum onsite when it does finally happen. Lilly, man did I love her. Broken from an undeniable horrific past, she uses a hard exterior to mask her feelings. Theo was having none of it. I think he fell in love the moment she stopped and winked at him while he was pelvic thrusting another girl. Did I mention I love her? Yeah.
  I need book 2 now. Theo was just starting to hit a little possessive streak that I feel should be thoroughly checked out - by ME. Even though at one point I was so pissed off I wasn't sure I would go on. I gave my Kindle the stink eye for a solid 10 minutes then pulled up my big girl panties and charged forward. The way you moved me from pissed off to making my heart hurt with the ending once again had me cussing you (I got over it). The book ends in a way that makes you feel devastated and yet oddly turned on with anticipation for book 2.

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