Monday, August 10, 2015

Kick Push by Jay McLean

1.       Play with puppies
2.       Watch a Disney movie
3.       Remove your heart

Then settle in, open the book, and realize that you are about to be blown away by words that are so well put together they make your heart beat faster, your chest tighten and will have your eyes squeezing closed because at times you may not be able to handle the feels that will consume your body.  I’m not this girl - the one that is sappy and reads these books that will rip your heart in two. I’m the girl that likes the Alpha and has no time for the tears (that fucking happened at 6%) but Jay is making me realize that sometimes feelings can open you up to a whole new world.

Josh is awesome and at times you will cuss him and hate him, but most of the time you look at your boyfriend and wonder where the hell your Josh is. Becca is awkward, she is strong and she is a fighter. Fighting demons and falling in love should be a superpower, but for Becca it’s the one thing that could destroy her.

Reading about Josh fighting for Becca and Becca fighting for Josh and both of them fighting for Tommy will give you hope, tear you apart and leave you wanting more. That is the thing with reading this author. You always want more, damn her it’s just never enough.

There is a routine that you need to follow after reading a Jay McLean Book.
1.       Drink wine
2.       Toss yourself in a lion pit
3.       Scream What the FIRE TRUCK
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