Sunday, March 30, 2014

Destry By: Lola Stark

Sometimes love happens in the blink of a cow. There is just something about a quick, hot cowboy read that makes me want to saddle up and ride one.  Lola has this way with her stories that will engage you and have you jumping right in with both feet. I love when an author gives you something different from what you're used to. This book takes me back to when I first started reading. The possessive cowboy meets girl-- girl works his heart over and the sparks start flying.

Destry and Amelia were fun to read. High society girl almost runs into cow; broody cowboy comes to the rescue. Amelia is running from a past and failed engagement to a guy she never loved. Destry is running from a past he has no intentions of forgetting or reliving. As always from Ms. Stark, you get feisty intelligent women and hard-headed men.

Ms. Stark's ability to make you fall hard and fast for the other characters in her book, without feeling like they are taking over the book, is one of the reasons why I love her. She has you laughing, rolling your eyes, and cussing her characters all at the same time. I love watching her bring them together--you never know exactly what twists she will put in.

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