Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Frenched By: Melanie Harlow

If you are looking for an easy, drama free with little angst book, then this is the one for you. The writing style flowed, making this a very quick and enjoyable read. I found myself liking Mia right from the beginning. She seemed to have spunk along with a great sense of dirty minded humor. It's a nice change in pace to sit down and just be able to smile through a whole book. Ms. Harlow definitely has a sense of humor in her that seeps into the characters she writes.

After a cancelled wedding, Mia flees to Paris on her honeymoon - alone. Caught up in her dislike of all things pertaining to love, she meets Lucas. Lucas is the one person who can make her live in the here and now. Figuring out what love really is - in the arms of a man who finally makes her feel.

Although I was a little thrown off with the description of Lucas, he did end up making a way into my heart, with his tenderness and ability to make Mia laugh. It's a fairy tale love story with a mix of hot sex rolled into a quick paced book.

Good laughs. Second chances. Finding your path to a new future.

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