Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Breaking Perfect By: Lydia Michaels

One of the hottest books of the year. I read romance books daily and most times it’s just another sex scene. Let me just clear it up right now – the hallway pounding that took place with all three characters was NOT just another sex scene: it was hot, forbidden and touched on things that you think you shouldn’t enjoy as you’re running to get your vibrator. The Author managed to write a book that brought you into the story not only of Liberty and dealing with her issues, but Mason who spent the majority of his time trying to create the perfect world. The story started out with us learning about Liberty and Mason and then at about 45% traveled into a world of smoking hot sex.
I think we have all at times felt trapped in our own minds. Dealing with thoughts you can’t voice and can’t seem to ever run from. Liberty suffered from a horrific past. She deals the only way she can – with fear, consistency and obsessing.  Trying to sort through the chaotic feelings of distorted thoughts she handles it the only way she knows  – order and pain. Liberty is strong in her own right. She is a survivor waiting to be set free. Mason is the glue that holds her together. He was perfect in his own right. Mason has a past one that no matter how hard he tries to forget still desires. When his past enters his future and Sean is introduced - this book turns from a nice read to a strip your clothes off and jump in an ice-cold shower kind of a book.
Let me just warn you if you don’t read MMF then this book isn’t for you, but if you do read it than don’t let this book fool you. It will have your face flushed and sneaking off anywhere to finish the scenes uninterrupted. Once she turns up the heat you will be panting right along with the characters. The only way I can explain this book is asking "Have you ever looked at a calm river and felt the serenity, but something inside you wanted to throw a huge rock into it just to watch the ripples?" That is how I felt reading this book. I felt like at 45% she took the biggest fucking rock she could find and through it not only breaking the calm, but the perfect.

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