Thursday, December 12, 2013

Silent No More By: N.E. Henderson

Holy shit I loved this book. I went into it not even reading the blurb. I knew nothing about the book except for seeing the cover. To say I was impressed would be putting it mildy. I fell hard and fast with this authors style. She had the "It" factor that sucks me in. I started reading this book late in the afternoon and couldn't put the damn thing down. The infamous just one more page turned into an "Oh shit I work in 4 hours." I was in love from the Prologue. The moment I met Nicholas I thought this is my new book boyfriend. If you girls know anything about me you know I love the asshole type of guys that love hard.  So the moment he opened his mouth my girly bits took notice and said "this blue eyed hottie is ours." She wrote the perfect man - bossy, stubborn, hot, moody, angry and all Alpha.

Nicholas..Why did I love him? Well let's start with saying he didn't take no for an answer. He fell fast, hard and without fault. To him it was it - he loved Shannon from the moment he saw her. Now let's throw in a defiant woman who goes against a strong minded man and what do you get?? Lots of fireworks and arguments on who is right and wrong. Nick bulldozes right into Shannon's life and he wasn't taking 'go slow' as an option. Shannon is strong willed and trying to overcome a past that ends up smacking her right in the face when she least expected it. Shannon has a lot to overcome and although she loves Nick the role he plays or more like the role he is associated with rears its ugly face not letting her move on.


Fuck me running! First book you ask? Hell yes.. If she keeps writing males like this I'm going to continue to be her biggest fan..The story line was great, the writing was great, and all the charcters in the book were great. I'm jumping on the N.E Henderson train and riding this bitch to the end. Her males will rival anything you have read. She has me hook, line and vagina. Prepare to be stalked, hounded and asked relentlessly are you done with the next book yet..Are You?

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