Saturday, December 7, 2013

Eight Second Cowboy

This was my first M/M read and it was perfect. I wanted something short to pop my cherry and boy did Piper Kay pop my cherry. I was unsure going in. Wondering how I would feel reading about 2 guys, but mother of holy shit was this hot. Piper managed to pack a lot into a short story. I'm so glad I started out with her book. She eased me (literally) into the m/m genre. This may be the start of something special. You may have created a monster Piper.

Matt and Lance are hardcore bull riders. Once friends they now despise each other. Lance is carefree he is the one who knows what he wants and is not afraid to go after it. Matt is more confined in what he was taught to believe and what he feels. Matt knows how he feels and after almost losing what matters he finally mans up.

I'm so glad this story was short, it was just the perfect slice of male on male I needed to move on to the next one. This story made my vagina tingle in places I thought was slightly broke when it came to m/m. I will always remember you Piper - my first and what an honor it was

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