Tuesday, December 17, 2013

The Suicide Princess By: Anthony Bryan

Holy mother of weave a story with lies, love, deceit and murder. What the hell just happened? Who plays with a person’s emotions like this? Let a bitch breath for a chapter once in a while. I don’t know if I’m more in awe at the fact that I had no idea about the ending or the fact I didn’t toss my kindle and bounce it off every wall in my house. I actually at one point thought for my review I would just put; “I rubbed one off, got pissed off, called the author a jerk off then wondered how the hell he pulled the end of.“ Once I started the ride I was all in and just sat back and took it all in.

Mistakes can be made on every level, but once they are made you can’t cover them up and eventually the truth comes out. As in every book you’re instantly pulled to your favorite character. I find myself forgiving things that in real life I would never even consider forgiving. This was no exception; I forgave Stephanie instantly. We have all been in the situation of feeling like our relationship is losing the spark. When you have tried everything to spice up a relationship, but it will soon fail if you’re the only one trying. The problems start when the distraction you went looking for - that spark you find with someone else turns into something deeper – or so you thought. 

Let me just say that Stephanie pissed me off a lot during this book. I can’t tell you how many times I found myself saying “Just freaking come clean already.” Derrick was not far behind in the people who piss me off. He went from attentive and hot to dirt bag real fast. This is where I found myself in unknown territory. I usually am drawn right to the dickheads in a book. This was not the case, I was drawn to Jacob. He was the rock in this book for me and in the end the saving grace. Speaking of the end - Holy shit!

The only advice I can give is to grip the kindle tightly and have the biggest bottle of booze ready. You will need it trust me. The story was well written and I loved the suspense and the fact that you have no idea how the hell the book is going to end is another freaking added bonus.

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