Sunday, December 15, 2013

Until Trevor By: Aurora Rose Reynolds

There are things you love in life - coffee in the morning, a glass of wine at the end of a day and Crystal's books any day of the fucking week. She has fast became one of my favorite authors to read and yes that is after two books. She has this style of writing that makes you want to savor the book.  She stepped up the game in Until Trevor. The sex scenes are  much hotter and a lot more detailed. She added components to an already amazing style and now its "Game On Motherfucker."

I read and review books every day. Sometimes books stand out that have you thinking about them - comparing other books to them and in the end wanting to re-read them just to feel that feeling you had the first time. Crystal's books are all the above. She will be the author that when you get her book on your kindle you won't remove it as you will continue to pull it up every time you hit a book funk.

Trevor... Oh Trevor.. He puts the wet in wet alpha dreams and he had a starring role in mine last night. Protective, possessive, bossy then add the things he can do with his tongue and you have a formula for one hot as hell Alpha male. The thing I love about her men is that they are so damn stubborn and Trevor tops the bar at doing whatever the hell he wants to do to get what he wants. So what do you do when you have the perfect male you add in a girl who will not only hold her own, but will have a comeback for any attitude he tosses her. She writes the perfect couple that will have you laughing, holding your breath and crying out "Oh God" many times.

Just when I finish one book and say; "she will never top this" I read the next the book and say the shit all over. Every time I start a book I find myself unable to put the damn thing down. I watch the percentage constantly thinking - shit it's about over then what the hell will I do. Waiting is not my strong suit, but in the end it makes me enjoy them that much more. Fan girl for life, President of your stalking club and making you my new leading Alpha male writer.

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  1. I love this review! Hot and funny
    Gotta read this book!


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