Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Wild: By The Great Adriane Leigh

                                               This is a must read!

Dirty, Hot, Slamming into you and make you melt Alpha Male. 
I couldn't wait to get my hands on this book. I had such high hopes, as I love this author, and let me tell you - she didn't fucking disappoint.  She took hot and said "Hell No- Not good enough, I want hotter." So, what do you get with this book?  You get toe curling, lady bit tingling, and in the end, a new book boyfriend named Lane fucking Wild.

When the Prologue starts out with sex all you can do is sit back, snuggle the vibrator closer, and enjoy the ride that you are about to go on.  It's like I asked the stars to send me a book with a hot Alpha male who had the dirtiest mouth on him, but loved strong - and the stars said read Adriane Leigh you idiot!

I loved Lane Wild.  I fell in love with him fast and hard.   Every word he said had me on fire and left me wet.  His mouth is what sins are made of.  He wasn't cocky, he was self assured with a little bit of  I don't beat around the bush attitude.   He was guarded at first until he was getting his balls handed to him by one smart mouthed new girl.  What I loved about Lane, other than what was located below the belt and how he used it, was that once he made up his mind that Kat was it - he went balls to the wall.  He was protective, but guarded with a whole lot of caveman thrown in.  If you know anything about me, you know I love the caveman - the drag her by the hair men.
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Kat was strong. She fought to have her new freedom and has to continue fighting to keep it - she has secrets to hold. She is escaping a past that puts her and others in danger, but yet she is like a moth to a flame when it comes to Lane.  Defenses start to lower the more that dirty mouthed bad boy of town starts to invade on her every thought, the more she starts to struggle to resist..

You will read this book with your thighs squeezed tightly together it's that good. This book will leave you feeling hot and needing some friction between your legs - just to ease the pain and want.  She writes a book that makes you want to keep reading just to get to the end and find out what the hell is going on, but yet to slow down and savor just so it doesn't end.  She has this way of making you fall  into the story and forgetting about real life just for a few hours. I love her style, the way she makes you fall in deep from the beginning. These are the books that stay with you. The book that when someone asks you the hottest book you have read lately you eagerly respond WILD!

My Favorite quote out of his filthy mouth...

I won't let other pricks think they have a chance with you, because they fucking don't. Only I can fuck you like you like it, baby. Like your cunt likes it. Hard and deep and fast. My girl likes it rough. This pussy likes it rough. I circled my hips and launched into her from a new angle. "No one can fuck you like I can."





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