Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Distraction by Aurora Rose Reynolds

There is always a feeling of ease that sinks into your body when you start reading an Aurora book. You just know going in that you are going to get some laughs, a bossy man and a love story that is not full of drama. Her couples just simply demand attention. Once you pick up the book plan on nothing else for the day other than wine and a sweet smile that only a bossy man can bring to your face.
To say I have been waiting for Sven would be an understatement. I knew I would love him when he was first introduced, but to get a whole book of him just made me love him more. Always protective and always demanding that should be the stamp for all of ARR books. 

Maggie when we first met her was a hot mess but a sassy hot mess at that. I loved her spunk and knew she was going to give Sven a run for his money. It’s always nice reading about a female who is comfortable in her body and her capability to have some hot arm man candy. 

Although, at times this book felt a little pushed  at a fast rate with the story line I still enjoyed it. I would have loved a little more Sven and Maggie connection that is always a hit in all her other books.  Ms. Reynolds just knows how to make a reader happy. She gives you a couple hours to just get lost in a story that leaves you feeling completed, but yet wanting more

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