Saturday, February 20, 2016

A Reason To Live by C.P. Smith

C.P Smith does exactly what she is meant to do… she gives you this story to fall in love with and makes the reader in you want to jump with joy. To say I love her males would be an understatement. I have loved every guy she has written. She just makes you want to Craigslist a guy who is hot blooded and male. You will laugh, you will swoon and you will route for the girls to channel their inner badass…

Shane instantly warms your heart with his story. You just can’t help but feel like he deserves the world and cheering him on the whole time he is fighting the attraction. Sage knows exactly what she wants. She has this image of Shane and nothing will change it… not his go piss off attitude or his harsh words. That moment though, when they fall and fall hard is worth every word read. It’s the point in the book when you just smile because you know this is the turning point.

I look forward to every release of C.P. Smith. I will say it took me a little awhile to get into the swing of things with the third person to first but towards the middle I was in the flow, but that is just me. I loved the moments that we got to be with just Shane and Sage. We get to enjoy the dialogue and see them try and find a way to settle in a relationship overcome a past full of tragedy and look towards a future full of hope.

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