Friday, February 12, 2016

A Love So Tragic

When Ms. Cole puts words on a page you feel every one of them. Beautiful… intense… hopeful. Tragic love quite possibly, tantalizing love story-definitely. Ms. Cole definitely brings a story that will have you cheering on the wrong people but for the better cause. She makes it feel so right when you know it should be so fucking wrong.

 Peyton and Nic started out just like you hope all love stories do- In love and deeply devoted. You don’t have long before the tables turn and what you thought was going to be a love story of all time turns into a fight to love the right one. Nic stole my heart from the beginning and he still had it in the end.

Peyton was not an easy sell for me. I wasn’t head over heels for her. Sometimes when you get so involved with the writing you find yourself pissed off at one character because you love another one so much. I wanted her to fight. Undo the wrongs. Go back in time. But that can’t happen or else we wouldn’t have a story. I can say that when she decided to start doing things for Peyton she started growing on me. I started to see the strong girl from the beginning.

 No matter what Stevie writes you feel like 100 percent of her words are from her soul. She pole vaults you somewhere in the future when time stands still and it’s just you and the story unfolding. I said it with the very first book she wrote that her writing has the ability to rip your heart up and this book about losing love and fighting to find it again is no different.

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