Sunday, February 21, 2016

Best Kase Scenario by Layla Frost

Layla Frost has this way that she infuses hot ass males with a female who has a sense of humor and it comes out being an awesome read. I loved Jake and honestly didn’t think he could be topped on the hot with a side of bossy chart, but I absolutely fell head over heels for Kase. Ms. Frost writes females you want to hang out with males you want to drop your panties for.

 I remember the exact moment that Kase topped the charts. It was when Harlow had her sister and Kase walked up to her. I was a goner after that. The way he just took over wanting to help Harlow and break down every one of her boxes. Kase and Harlow were hilarious together. She was this quirky spit fire and he was the guy caught by it.

 Ms. Frost has made her way into my must read with her witty writing and characters the love to fight and fight harder for the ones they love. When you are reading a book and having the same thoughts as the female that is what makes you connect. It makes you feel like you reading a book with someone you want to be best friends with. She puts together a fun story with great back characters while at the same time letting the focus be on just the two you want to know about.

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