Sunday, February 14, 2016

The Mind by Kate Stewart

Going into this book I knew that my heart would be ripped out and chewed up all over again. Kate Stewart has this way of writing something so tragically beautiful that in the end you don’t know whether to be hopeful that she will piece you back together or just continue to shred what is left. It didn’t matter to me that Rose and Grant were back characters in the first book. They demanded attention and in the end you were left in love and wanting to know more.

Grant was everything I knew he would be. I didn’t care that he loved fast or rushed it an unhuman pace. I adored him even more for it. I would usually be the girl rolling her eyes, but I just couldn’t quit smiling long enough to roll them. Seeing Rose make him work for it even when she was so focused on her own career had me seeing that this relationship was what both of them needed.

I’m not sure where Ms. Stewart will go next with this story. I’m sure I will be crying and screaming about how mad I am at her within the first two chapters. Although, the writing is so beautifully done the emotional toll  on your heart can leave you with either hope or despair. So I'm hoping that Rose gets her happily ever after that she deserves and that I NEED.

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