Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Willing Captive....Awesome book!!!!!

Willing CaptiveWilling Captive by Belle Aurora
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I went into this book eyes closed, I'm not going to lie. This book was suggested to me, so I thought well why the hell not. I looked it up, saw the cover and thought dark read. I don't really do those. Don't make my mistake, its a fucking brilliant book. Its been awhile since I laughed my ass off, because not only were the characters witty, but the banter between the two was priceless. Yes, I know I love my banter and boy do you get plenty of it in this book. Well done Belle you took a pitch that was outside low and most people wouldn't swing at, well you swung and knocked that bitch over the fence. I felt so connected and invested in the characters I haven't been able to move on.

Alright enough of hoping they make me an honorary Aussie lets move on. Lily is great she is a 22 years old full of sass and fight, but also one who has gave up the hopes of doing what everyone else her age is experiencing. Her Dad is extremely protective of both her and her sister, but everything changes in a blink of an eye. What you thought and who you thought are never the same. Lily is freaking awesome she handles shit like someone is holding the red flag and she is the bull she just charges into the situation that life has thrown at her.
I swear this guy must of been conceived through backdoor action. There is no way way being that much of an asshole is natural.

Nox, I knew instantly I was going to love him. He was so protective and loyal and never once wavered. Was he a dick once in awhile well hell yes, but damn if that didn't make me want to jump through my kindle and dry hump him. The thing about Nox was that he wasn't over written he came in and went out exactly when he needed too. There was not a moment I thought what the f just happened nope I loved him and his ability to see what he wanted and deserved and took it.
There are girls out there you want to fuck,and there are girls out there that you want to love."He looks me in the eye. "Not ashamed of you, Lily

So yes, you know I loved this book. Was this Bam Bam sex everywhere? No,but what there was is great characters who you connect with, laugh with and eventually cry with. Yes there is heartbreak and yes I wanted to kick her ass for it. Let me let you in on a little secret when the heart break is over and light starts shining through again what you are left with is a stunning ending to a great book. I have become a major fan and look forward to see what she brings to the table next.

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