Friday, October 4, 2013

Open Your Eyes... 4.5 Holy Epilogue Stars.. By Jani Kay

Open Your EyesOpen Your Eyes by Jani Kay
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

4.5 amazing stars

I had to sit on this review a few days just for the fact that this book had me in fucking knots.So before I start this lets go over a few things.First, the INCIDENT will be what I use to not include any spoilers.Secondly,I started in this book and found myself messaging the author begging her to tell me I would have my HEA, because yes I'm needy.Her Reply


I don't think I have ever wanted to swipe my finger so bad to take me to 96% of the book so I could see how it would end.Knowing what I do now I'm glad I didn't because just when you think this story was over BOOM welcome to mindfuck land and a Epilogue the leaves you mouth open and asking "Why the hell did you do that to me."


The story starts out in New York when Nat and her daughter take a getaway from life vacation leaving Australia behind.While there she meets Nick..Oh Nick I loved him instantly he was loyal,sweet and determined to get what he wants.He meets Nat and in that moment he knows she is the one he has been looking for.What I loved about Nick was there was no doubt he wanted a relationship with Nat no pushing her away, just a guy trying to get a girl.Nat was strong minded she was fiercely loyal to her family and the people close to her. I loved her during the first part and about half way just when I wanted to hate her I couldn't.I know that if I was in the same place as her I would do the same thing.Now let's meet Gabe the over protective,jealous husband.I hated him! That is all he came in like a damn storm and interrupted my blissful happy moments.After a tragedy strikes back in Australia Nat is forced to head back to the pain and confusion of her past.This my friends is where it all changes.Once the first INCIDENT happens I was like "Hell NO" Im done.Yes,its funny how the writer can play with my emotions to the point I just couldn't continue.I felt like most of the time I needed to have my hands over my eyes reading through my fingers.I pushed on and after the first INCIDENT I settled back down started getting comfortable with decisions made then BOOM another mindfuck.The second INCIDENT had me rereading the last paragraph going Holy mother of turnabouts didn't see that mofo coming.

These are the questions I asked myself.Do you believe in more than one true love? Can you love more than one person? Does fate really hold all the cards in this life we live? You will be thinking yes to all the above after reading this book. I still cant believe the Epilogue, because after reading it I loved GABE..YES alright you heard me I loved him.Here is to broken hearts,picking up the pieces and finding love twice in life..

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