Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Dark Endings~Bec Botefuhr

Dark Endings (Dark Brother, #3)

They say that when you get knocked down to get back up, to push on, to fight. How do you fight when everything you've survived - all the sadness,happiness and the hopelessness have suddenly crashed down and the only thing you have left is the beating of your own heart or so you thought? SO many emotions with this book. I know I keep saying it, but this book in the beginning gutted me then pissed me off shooting me straight to Oh shit, I'm getting my hopes up. I have found throughout this series I have experienced every raw emotion capable of being felt. I have wanted to beat Jagger for being an ass and the next minute jump in his arms. Then you have Willow - how many times have I wanted to slap some sense into her then in the next scene engulf her in a hug and tell her it gets better. Just keep reading.


Willow has lost everything she lived for in the blink of eye or by the selfless act from Jagger. Suffering from wounds that can't be healed she comes to terms that the future she once believed in, will never happen. She has lost everything and everyone. Jagger is gone and the boys have unwillingly stepped out of her life. So once again she runs, but this time she is running to rebuild, to start over, to breathe again - because now she has a reason. Jagger is stuck in hell, his soul has been ripped from him so he is doing what he does best - moving on and trying to forget. This is the part that broke my heart. I wanted to jump in the book and be like FINE I will go save his ass, because I want my happy ending.


Don't worry you come out alive at the end of this book. I was scared I wouldn't, when I heard there is a fourth book. Bec seems to like to play with my emotions and leave me gasping at the end of her books. To say I didn't enjoy the way this book ended would be a lie. I loved it, all the emotions and heart palpitations was so worth it. She wrapped me up in her web from book one and when you think the ending couldn't be any worse than the last one she slaps you with a doozy again. I love the books that when you are reading you get so caught up in you don't even realize you have came to the end.So engrossed,so in awe you have nothing left, but to sit back and remember the journey she has just taken you on.

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