Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Maybe This Time..Chantal Fernando

Maybe This Time (Maybe, #1)Maybe This Time by Chantal Fernando
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OMG!!Do you hear that? Yes its me fan-girling over Chantal.Why you ask,because I just got to spend 6 hours locked in Holy Mother of Alpha world with Reid Knox.I love when you start a book and instantly become drawn in.She had me from 5% and never let go.I was unsure at first thinking- oh wow, these kids are young.Reid is 23 and by the time he opened his mouth his age flew out the window and my wanting to do things to his body came flying in.Wait! Not only do you have a hot,bad-ass,protective fighter you also get a sassy,feisty and headstrong female.Reid puts the first Bam in my Bam Bam.He growls,mumbles,tosses attitude and says things like "MINE" its freaking hot.If you are looking for a sweet book about love and learning who you are and how to walk away from revenge when it feels right then look no further.Its a feel good book that is a must read with a little twist.Add in some mistakes being made and women you will want to throttle and you have an evening of book love.

I loved Summer and her smartass comments.I swear she was never at a loss for words even being surrounded by bossy men.She held her own and the verbal sparring with her and Reid is why I love reading these type of books.Summer is 19 and is moving to live with her brother who she has never met.They instantly bond of course how could you not because, Xander is so protective and loyal your heart just melts.Once she arrives she is introduced to Reid and Ryan the holy hotness twins themselves.The attraction is instant for them and Summer has no trouble letting Reid know that she finds him attractive.The crazy back and forth relationship starts and possessive Reid Knox begins.

The only thing I can say after reading this is I want to be one of Reid's bitches.Yes that is just how swoon worthy he can be.All his badboy-ish attitude melted my old woman panties right off me.I can't wait to continue this series.What can I say "I'm in to deep" now and have to have more of these men.Write faster Chantal I need Ryan now!!!

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