Thursday, September 1, 2016

Playing Fate by Leigh Ann Lunsford

Ms. Lunsford does angst well. You know going into one of her books you will probably be balling by the end. So when I see that she is writing a lighter book and not only a lighter book, but a sports romance… I was all in. Ms. Lunsford does words well. She creates this story no matter what she is writing that is just engaging and makes you feel like you can’t wait to turn the next page.
I love a man who knows what he wants and Deacon is all about knowing that what he wants is Saylor. We all want the good guy to fall in love with and Deacon is just that guy. He’s focused and driven and intent on winning over the girl. Saylor was joy to read. She had spunk. She was just refreshing and endearing as you could relate with everything she was feeling. You wanted to hug her and slap her at the same time.
Deacon and Saylor will warm your heart and their story will end up stealing it as well. I love reading the young love books. They are so heart stopping and gripping that it makes you just want to binge read everything you can get your hands on about college love. Ms. Lunsford does young love with the best of them and this one will leave you wanting more of her writing and her stories.

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