Tuesday, September 6, 2016

THe Protector by Jodi Ellen Malpas

Let’s be honest… Jodi Ellen Malpas could release a book about a girl who falls in love with a Llama farmer and I would guarantee he would be the most alpha, bad ass llama farmer in the book world. JEM is the queen at writing a story that will have you laughing and swooning all in the same chapter. She delivers every time on giving us a story that will keep you turning the pages and dreading seeing “The End”. Her characters have this way of making you feel like it could be you in the story. Having a girl’s night in with too much wine and crushing on a guy.

Jake and Camille are proof that opposites do attract. The attraction is instantaneous as well is the feeling to prick each others nerves.   It’s the push pull factor that only JEM can give us. Jake is bad ass with a past full of baggage. His demons torment him daily while fighting the feelings that Camille brings out in him. Camille was full of punch. She didn’t let Jake get away with anything.

These two had me laughing out loud as the battled that attraction that was undeniably there. It’s always refreshing falling love with both characters as they fall in love with each other.

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