Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Hardball by C.D. Reiss

There is just something about a sports romance that I love. I love to see the guy so committed to one sport and then enters the woman who will destroy the focus. Ms. Reiss made sure to give us a guy we would love and girl who would rip down every wall he had. Although, I would have loved to feel just a little more connection between Dash and Vivian it was nice to read a story and like the female just as much as the male.

Dash is the hot recluse of a baseball player that everyone wants to know more. He may be on the front lines on the field but off the field he likes to stay hidden. Enter the hot librarian who has all but gave up on men but still has hopes that the one is out there. When Dash and Vivian first meet the sparks and the sass are both there. Each has issues and overcoming them will be the key to both of them finding happiness. 
This is a fast and light-hearted read. Although, the drama is fun a lot of times it’s also nice to just read a story about two people finding their way and breaking down some walls as they go about it.

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