Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Crow by A. Zavarelli

I went into this book after reading the first three lines of the blurb and instantly bought it and I can honestly say I was not disappointed. After getting over my lust for Lachlan I managed to open my eyes and see that this book and its story was fucking awesome. I love me some mafia badass men who takes care of his girl. A. Zavarelli nails this story as well as her characters. It left me with a stalking tendency she may regret in books to come.  
Mack was feisty from the get go a girl after my own heart. I usually finish a story and end up loving the male and forgetting the female, but Mack put just as much as Lachlan into the story. She made you laugh and cringe at the same time with some of her decisions. 
I could probably write this whole review and only mention Lachlan, but I won’t bore you with my love affair of a fictional character. Let me just tell you that he is freaking hot and possessive and makes crazy eyes at anyone who looks at Mack. He is in my top book bf for 2016. 
I can’t wait to continue reading Ms. Zavarelli’s work. I’m in love and intrigued with not only her writing, but the other characters who deserve books in this series. Hell I don’t even know if that is the route she is going I’m just jumping the gun and praying like hell they get a book.

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