Thursday, March 24, 2016

Sparrow by L.J. Shen

I love reading about the guys who are assholes. Nothing makes me more happy to find out that the guy is an over the top ass who everyone fears. I know it’s odd. You can continue to like your strong footsie play and intense holding hands, but this girl will stick to the guys like Troy. Ms. Shen wrote him perfectly. Full throttle, legit possibly psycho and in love with his girl. It make take him while to get with the program, but when he does nothing will stand in his way. 

Troy and Sparrow may have been tossed together but watching them fight out the battle of who will be in charge made this book. I loved the push and pull of the two of them. She pushed just enough to let Troy know she was serious and he relented some of his badass to let her have his way. To me the banter was the best part of the book. Sparrow was all about surviving and using her sarcastic mouth to do so… would not slow her down one bit.

It takes talent to manage making a guy an asshole, but still leaving him to be desired, drooled on and feared at the same time. It’s not easy to write this and it has to be well done because anyone can make a dick out of guy, but to do it so that you want to punch and straddle him at the same time takes just the perfect touch. L.J. Shen did is perfectly. Troy is that type of guy who will use his enemies own leg to beat him with it and you are reading it thinking no one has ever beat someone up with their own leg for me. He is that hawt.

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