Friday, April 8, 2016

This Is Love, Baby by K. Webser

War won my heart from the word go. Although at first meeting him he may have seemed week he was anything but. Every little insecurity, every little new quirk I discovered, made me fall just a little harder. Even though it felt like forever before getting being reunited with him in this book he still was nothing less than perfect. K. Webster knows how to make you fall for a broken man. 
Just when you think that there is nothing more that can happen to Baylee- it happens. Just when you think the good people are just that- they are not that at all. Roles reversed and we got to see a side of Baylee that didn’t come out too much in the first book. She was always the strong one so seeing her lean on War for strength made you connect with her that much more. War fought hard to be the rock and seeing him push aside his thoughts to be there reminded me of all the reasons I fell in love in the first place. 
When most people would just stay down these two just kept getting up and pushing forward. The author makes you forget you are reading a book. She drops you into this dark realm where you feel like you one of the characters, fighting to stay ahead of the game.  Ms. Webster has found her groove in writing and I’m just happy that I’m the lucky bastard who gets to devour her words

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