Thursday, May 28, 2015

Tin Man by M.K. Schiller

I have come to love M.K Schillers writing. Her words are always so easy and move you into the story like you are the one having your first crush. Although, this one was a short one Lilly and Hutch will be sure to bring a smile to your face with their story. Ms. Schiller has this ability to make you laugh one minute and swoon the next. 

I loved the first meeting of Hutch and Lilly. When Hutch stole her seat and then worked his ass off to compromise with her I just giggled the whole time. He was so sweet and loving and put everyone else before himself. Let’s be honest who doesn’t want a guy like that. Don’t let Lilly fool you though because when push comes to shove she shoved right back. 

Sometimes you just need a story that makes you feel good. Its times like this that I’m glad there is an author who can write a short love story that makes you believe again in love at first sight.

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