Saturday, May 9, 2015

Property Of by C.P. Smith

C.P Smith can write a book that will leave you intrigued and guessing until the very end. I always know that going in I will have a female that will have spunk and attitude and a hot blooded all male kind of man that will do anything to protect her. C.P Smith never disappoints in this category.

Nicola most of the time may be lost in her own world dreaming up stories, but when enough is enough she decides to come out of her comfort zone and join the living. The only problem is that joining her friends could possibly get her in deep shit. When a collaboration of sorts turns into them drawing the attention of a serial killer reality starts to get a little more real. 

Dallas knows his job and that woman can’t be trusted. That is until he runs into Nicola…literally. After the third time that coffee is spilled on him they finally their way into each other’s company- whether wanted or not. 

Although, I would have loved for them to come together a little sooner in the book I think Dallas made up for it in the second half. For me he made the book. At times I felt a little overwhelmed with the back characters, but when it was brought back to Dallas and Nicola it all fell in place again.

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