Thursday, May 28, 2015

Raising Landry by Andee Michelle

Raising Landry is one of those books that make you feel good about people and that maybe fate is something real. We have all been in that place when life just defeats you and knocks you straight on your ass. When Carson finds herself running she never knew she would be running towards her future. I think we are all nervous taking a chance on a new author, but I think taking a chance on Ms. Michelle would bring a story into your life full of love, hope and happily ever after. 

Carson is strong and opinionated, I think that is what first made me feel a kinship to her. She didn’t take no shit and walked away from a situation that was toxic. The thing that really made drawn to her was that when Kyler wouldn’t take no for an answer she embraced it and didn’t run from it. I just knew that Kyler was going to be the rock of the story the glue that holds them all together when all they really want to do is break.
I can’t wait to see what Ms. Michelle has in store for us next. This story was well thought out and flowed so well. I hope to see this author explore her creative mind as with this book for a first release I think there is so much potential.

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