Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Reverence by Angelica Chase

Ms. Chase is quickly finding her way on my must read list. I just connect with her writing ability and the story that she tells. It sweeps you up and the next thing you know you are at the end and screaming… WTF. It amazes me how while reading it seems like it’s a full length novel. She just works all the information in without making it feel rushed or just not enough. It’s brilliant with amazing characters. 

Aiden… Aiden…Aiden. I needed you and you showed up at the perfect time. Perfection wrapped in a hot guy’s body. I loved the meeting of Nina and Aiden. To me the first meeting can make or break a book for me, but Ms. Chase has a way to make you want and need more. 

The only problem with having an addiction to serials and an author is the fact they just can’t ever seem to write fast enough for my liking. I have been obsessed with each book this author has released. It’s always a tough call when you don’t know what you want more, to curl up in the lap of the male character while he whispers sweet nothings or curl in the authors lap and let her whisper sweet nothings. TOUGH CALL.

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