Saturday, May 9, 2015

The Final Temptation by K.C. Lynn

Ms. Lynn knows how to write a book with a hot guy. She writes a strong female weather vocally or just in her will to survive that just endears you to them. This book was no different and even though I would have loved to have the full story because I loved Cooper I won’t complain too much.

Cooper and Kayla have spent years dancing around the attraction. Even though Coop is protective of Kayla and wants more he always walks the fine line of just being the friend. He bides his time even though he has always been in love with her. Kayla the sassy little firecracker loves to give him hell and that hell comes in a form of major flirting letting cooper know exactly what he is missing out on.

 This author is an instant read for me. I know going in that the story will be beautiful and the guys will have that protective nature I just fall in love in with. I hate to say goodbye to my boys, but can’t wait to read what K.C. Lynn has in store next.

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