Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Assumption By: Aurora Rose Reynolds

There is a feeling you get right before you start a new book that one of your favorite authors has just put out. It’s somewhere between excitement and fear. Fear because you are so scared that you will open the book and the style has changed and she is now writing a book about Dudley the donkey wrangler. Once you open it though, the excitement sets in because you realize Crystal will never let you down. She has this way of sucking you into a story that makes you get lost and fall in love all at the same time. It’s like watching a sunset unravel. You start out with anticipation then to the awe moment and finally, sad that it’s done and trying to find something to replicate the situation.

Kenton and Autumn may be from two different worlds, but when it comes to love those differences go out the door. The attraction happened right from the get go along with the battle of wills. Sometimes assuming that you know what it’s like walking in another person’s shoes can come back to bite you in the ass. When a strong male meets a strong willed and slightly broken female only good things can happen. Once these two get together though they will have you laughing and cheering them on their journey to love. 

I couldn’t help but want to soak up a little bit of her time. She’s not what I expected. She’s not what I wanted, but fuck me if she’s not what I need.

I feel like I just keep repeating myself every time I review a book from this author. As a reader you learn to appreciate not only the author, but the writing that lets you leave the world behind for a few hours. Ms. Reynolds gives that to her readers. She gives you the escape along with a story you will adore and a book that just stays with you.

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