Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Resisting Temptation by: K.C. Lynn

Cade…Cade…Cade…You will love his broken soul the moment you meet him. I knew his moody, non-talking grunting ass would be my favorite and K.C didn’t disappoint. The author just continues to improve with each book she writes. Her ability to let the characters tell the story makes it not only an emotional, gripping story, but also an effortless read.

Cade and Faith will not only have you falling in love with them on their journey, they will leave you breathless with the loyalty that they show towards each other whether near or far. Cade and Faith…These two will quickly fall into the role of favorite couple. I absolutely loved Faith’s sass and sense of humor and even though the light in her eyes might have dimmed it still shone bright with the fight that was in her to overcome. There is just something about a guy who is tough and protective, yet as you read, you watch him slowly drop the walls and become more vulnerable and more acceptable to let go.

 One of my favorite things about reading a book by Ms. Lynn is that her couples are together and interacting a majority of the story. You feel connected with them and emotionally attached right from the beginning. It’s not forced. When you can feel your heart breaking and at the same time laugh and feel the hope they experience then you know the book is well written. It’s not just a book it’s a journey about surviving, faith, overcoming and fighting for what you want.



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