Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Always In By: M.R. Joseph

I fell in love with Cruz and Harlow in book one. I loved both of them and together they such a sweet and funny couple. Book 2 picks up after the accident and from there it’s a complete roller coaster ride of emotions. Ms. Joseph can certainly write a story that will have you tearing at the pages to find your HEA. I won’t lie though I think I may have cussed her frequently right along with Harlow in book 2. Her for playing with my emotions.haha Harlow because I wanted her to want to fight for Cruz and the love that was lying dormant. 

Cruz was his awesome strong, loyal and protective self. Cruz grew up so much since the beginning of book one and that just made my love for him stronger. My heart hurt having to see him love, lose and fall back to his old ways.

Finally, Ms. Joseph took pity on all of us (or she heard me cussing her) and started to unravel the HEA. The only thing I wanted was more of them. I felt like I lost their connection slightly and would have loved to have had more time with them together as a couple.  If you want a book that will bring out strong emotions then this is the book.

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