Friday, August 8, 2014

Promises Hurt By: Elle Brooks

I try to keep away from any books that may pull emotions out of me. I like my Alpha boys and will avoid anything to have my heart hurt. So 5% into this book when I feel myself tearing up I knew I was in trouble. Ms. Brooks brought a gem to the game of reading. I loved Blair with her quick wit and Ethan, well there isn’t much to say other than he was pretty much perfect. I wanted to cry, throat punch a few people and then drink myself under the table after the ending. Don’t get me wrong I knew there would be a book 2 so I won’t bitch too much, but if there is an ARC list I would like to pull out my handy dandy BLOGGER card to get on it..

I loved Ethan and Blair as individuals but loved them even more as a couple. They leaned on each other and for once it was just two people in love - who were not constantly breaking up or trying to make each other jealous. It was just a story about young love and two people trying to overcome shit circumstances albeit different circumstances, but shit all the same. Blair and her quirky sense of humor and Ethan with his steady loyalness and sexual innuendos makes it a fun read as well.  

I love supporting new authors and this book is one of the reasons why. It's just one of those books you take a chance on and end up loving something beautiful and well written. She takes you on their journey and makes you fall for them. You will want to jump in the book and fight their battles with them.

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