Friday, August 22, 2014

Incandescent By: River Savage

Kindle in both hands…Knees slightly bent and ass out..That's how I was reading this book in hopes that Nix would walk by and spank me hard. Holy, dirty talking men. I'm so picky about my books that it's hard for me to find one that I just fall in love with. So when I find one that makes me want to take off my panties and swing them like a helicopter I'm all in. Ms. Savage created a book that ticked off everything on my must have list.

1.    Bossy men…Check
2.    Fun banter…Check
3.    Sense of humor…Check
4.    Overly possessive…Check

 Nix and Kadence fast became a favorite couple for me. Nix was a bossy ass who, once he saw Kadence, fell fast and hard. I loved these two. The way Kadence stood up to him and put him in his place made me smile. Nix, even though he was bossy gave in at just right the moments. He fought for Kadence, but yet also showed a gentleness with her that made you swoon

I want to crawl in Ms. Savage’s lap and lay there while she writes or at least get a good dry hump on a leg in. I need the next book like I need my next breath. For me to find a book that I love the characters and the story is hard - so when I do find one I want to shout it to the roof top. This is a must read.

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