Sunday, October 23, 2016

Hell and Back by: Natasha Madison

This was a quick and cute read. If you are looking for a female in distress with a male who saves the day, this is the book for you. Ms. Madison gives us a book that is a fast read with a couple to cheer on. I wanted to feel the connection just a little more than what I did. I felt like the connection between all 3 of them was top notch, but I wanted that love beyond hope with Bella and Jackson. I will say that the twists in this book actually surprised me. I usually am pretty good at the guessing game, but the twist in this read was well done. 

Jackson and Bella are both searching for something that completes them. Something that proves to be the anchor they both need. Bella is lost and afraid. She is busy trying to survive and Jackson is busy trying to be the one to keep them afloat.

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